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August 29, 2017 1 Comment

In the early days of Portland Leather, the founders decided it would be nice to start each morning with a group meeting. So, Curtis and Caitlyn and BOTH employees would sit around drinking tea and coffee and discussing life and all the great things Portland Leather was going to do one day.

It was designed as an excuse to relax and laugh and brain-storm ideas and for friends to spend time with friends.

That meeting survives to this day. Each morning at 10:00 AM the designers, sewers, stampers, cutters, photographers, customer service and shippers get together and bounce around ideas. 

It was here people brought up tassels–an idea which was shot down immediately by Curtis. The idea came up many times, and each time Curtis said no. Or no way. Or absolutely not.

To be fair, Curtis can be really stupid sometimes. I can write that because I am Curtis and I am the owner and I missed the boat on this one, big time. My fault!

However, Pearl and Bethany did what all great employees do; they ignored me and made tassels for themselves anyway. Each day I would notice Pearl come to work and my eyes would be drawn to the tassel and the tote. Each evening as she said good-bye, I would see her pick up her tote and head out.

 And the tassel looked awesome. It did not detract from the bag at all; it enhanced it. 

We now have multi-colored tassels available to match or contrast or enhance your tote or any other product you may have in your life.


Curtis & The Portland Leather Goods Team

And Pearl and Bethany…Thanks!


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Pam Harp
Pam Harp

August 07, 2017

Reaching out to see if i can get an order shipped to me from the sale today since I can’t be there today. Looking for
Snap journal medium any color w/ “start each day with a grateful heart”. Dopp kit any color. 2 tassels to compliment espresso bags. Snap journal medium any color w/ " love knows no distance". Large tote w/ zipper saddle with dark handles with pocket inside & loop. Thanks! Hope u sell everything!

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