3 Awesome Ways to Get FREE Leather Goods

Free stuff: Good.

Free Leather Goods: Amazing.

Here are THREE ways to get free leather goods from Portland Leather Goods.

1. Become a Brand Ambassador (Blog)

Being a blog advocate is a great way to load up on lots and lots of Portland Leather Goods goodies. It is simple: brand ambassadors link to our website and certain collection pages. Some people may choose to write a review or blurb about our products and company. However, reviews and blurbs are not always needed – you have a popular site or blog, often the links themselves are valuable.

Of course, we can send you some free products if you need a refresher of how great our products really are.

This is excellent for younger people and those on a tight budget who may have a little more time than money right now but want to publish online content. We can offer the best leather tote at great prices because we are a Direct-to-Consumer maker who has cut out the middleman, but it also means we are 100 percent about our image and story online.

Don’t have a blog? Team up with a friend who does!

 To take advantage of being a brand ambassador (blog) please email your name and the blog address to social@portlandleathergoods.com and we can walk you through the process.

2. Brand Ambassador (Video Review)

Are you a vlogger? We would love to send you products to give honest reviews which you then post to YouTube or other video platforms.

If this is of interest, again, just drop us a line at social@portlandleathergoods.com.

3. Interact with Instagram

Our social media manager, Scarlett, has rapidly grown our Instagram footprint since recently joining the team. Truthfully, we have been so busy making our products we have often ignored social media platforms. Yet our customers have been there all along cheering us on. Our customers are truly the best.

PortlandLeather instagram feed photo for Blog Influencer 

We’ll be running contests on Instagram on a weekly basis providing lots of opportunity for freebies. So, if you aren’t following yet, find us and follow!

Additionally, if you or your friends are influential on the ‘gram (we’re talking 10K followers or more with great engagement), Scarlett can work with you to provide products for posts! She is responsive and amicable (as any good social media expert should be!) Reach her directly at: social@portlandleathergoods.com









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iNPOVRGKp February 14, 2020

I own 2 totes and the newer cross body bag. I have a makeup bag and a small snap card wallet as well. My most recent order is the new small cross body tote. I can’t wait to receive it. I keep coming back for different sizes and colors. Everything that I have gotten from PLG is so wonderfully made and high quality durable leather. Could I talk you into making a Kindle case/cover? Thanks so much for your great products.

Kerry Wigle February 07, 2020

Not only are the products top quality and absolutely Beautiful!!! The customer service is Amazing as well!! I had to call customer service and ask some questions about my order. , I feel horrible I do not remember the young mans name that I talked to… he was so Happy!.. knowledgeable, friendly and was able to walk me through ordering exactly what I was wanting. Hands down best customer service ever!! Keep up the great work Portland! If that young man hated his job I would be shocked and he should win an Emmy ! He truly sounded like he loved his job! I am so happy with my purchase and customer service, I will be ordering again and will be telling everyone about Portland Leather!! Thank you!

Spring February 02, 2020

I love love love your products!!!!! I have been a purse fanatic for years and you’ve broken the habit. I purchased a small classic tote and I’m in love. I show everyone and the ones I don’t my tote shows and they comment. Now I’m a Portland Leather fanatic! 😊
I would absolutely love to be an ambassador.

Billie J Shinn November 21, 2019

I bought some dop kits for my husband and son for our wedding anniversary (or birthday? Can’t remember) and fell in love with your products. I ended up asking my husband for a tote for that Christmas. I ended up with a make up bag as well :) It is the last bag I’ll ever own! I’ve gifted a make up bag as well. My tote doubles as a diaper bag right now and works like a charm. Durable yet beautiful! Have gotten many compliments and inquiries about it. I share you guys as often as I can. Thank you for making such great quality items <3

Vanessa Pippin October 29, 2019

purchased a medium sized journal for my sister who lives in charlotte nc. her and her husband travel extensively, now wherever she goes, her journal goes. had her name and special saying engraved on item when I purchased it. also had item gift wrapped and delivered to her home address, arrived 5 days before x-mas as instructed. over the years my sister and I have exchange x-mas presents, this is the 1st time in 25 years that she said she liked her gift. Thank you Portland Leather.

terry donald staggs October 25, 2019

I bought 2 passport holders and am amazed with the quality of your product! My daughter lives in Beaverton and with our next visit, it will be on our list of remarkable places to visit!!!

Doug Wallace October 24, 2019

Love your products, just ordered my first tote!!

Catherine Fankhauset October 24, 2019

Have admired your beautiful bags and following you on Instagram for months. Not sure how I can help, but love your workmanship and the beautiful bags!

Tara Katir October 24, 2019

My daughter bought a bag tote two years ago. Her grandparents lived 10 blocks from your store and she had no idea – she’s in Minneapolis right now. Her water bottle broke inside it one day and she thought it was ruined. I talked her through how to fix it and she was thrilled. It is now just like new and she is still using it as her daily tote. We both love your products. Such quality!

Tracy Cooper October 24, 2019

My relationship with Portland Leather started 4 years ago with a mini envelope wallet. Since then, i have given away 3 Portland Leather classic totes as gifts, and I bought myself a messenger bag for work-and a coworker is coveting it! Look out…here comes another gift purchase!

Sheryl October 23, 2019

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