Bridesmaid Gift Ideas - 2021 Edition

No matter the size of the event, planning a wedding takes a lot of attention to detail and supportive hands. That is why bridesmaids are so essential and beloved – your ladies are there to take the pressure off and remind you to relax and enjoy the magical ride of being a bride. They keep you at your best during a time when it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s natural to want to show your thanks with a gift that they will fall in love with! 

Our full grain leather goods are wildly popular wedding favors and bridal party gifts, because like your friendships, they only get more beautiful and complex over time. Each full-grain leather hide, which is never sanded or coated, retains it’s natural imperfections which means no two gifts are ever the same. Special relationships deserve special gifts!

With so many tasks to complete closer to the wedding date, picking out your bridesmaids’ gifts is easy: you will not regret ordering early and having them all ready to go before your special day. There are many creative ways to select the perfect gift. Here are some clever suggestions to choosing the right full-grain leather gift for your bridal party superstars!

1. Choose gifts by personality and interests

No two friends are alike and it’s this diversity that makes your bridesmaid crew so unique. For the creative type, our pencil cases are perfect for carrying an artist’s pens and brushes. The snap journal and wrap journal are ready to hold all her musings; choose unlined paper for the visual artist and lined paper for the poet. For the friend that follows all the trends and always draws compliments, check out the Circle Bag (which comes in two sizes).  If you have any college students in your line-up, gift them something to help them haul those books across campus with a Crossbody Tote, either standard or with an added zipper for security. That friend who is always posting about their adventures will fall in love with a leather bag that leaves their hands free – consider a Backpack or a Crossbody Mini. For that no-nonsense friend who keeps it real, you can’t go wrong with a Classic Tote in any size.

leather makeup bags

When in doubt: our makeup bags are a bridesmaid gift staple. In two styles and four sizes, these all-purpose bags can be personalized for added significance. Modern monogramming is a popular choice, however with up to four characters, you might add a special nickname or personal touch that will make your friend smile every time she reaches for it!   

2. Matchy-matchy – choosing colors that make sense

Our full-grain leather designs are all-season, but what a range of colors to choose from! For those who love coordination, choose gifts that match the wedding palette. Imagine all your bridesmaids, heading to the venue with their perfect bridesmaid dresses and matching Mini Totes! (Where else are they going to put their flats for dancing??) 

mini crossbody

Wedding vibes and location can be a guide as well. Farm-to-table weddings with wildflower bouquets beg for pops of color such as Sunflower, Cranberry and Bluebell (pictured above) . If cocktail dresses and tuxes are a part of your upscale affair, our classic Black always looks sharp. Sandy beaches and sunsets call for earthy tones which is a PLG specialty. 

Once you have found the perfect color, consider choosing a different design for each bridesmaid. Together you will have a “family” of leather goods that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget to get a group photo and plan a reunion! 

3. Turn a Tote into a gift bag

Our totes and handbags are made to carry things! Delight your best ladies with not just a high-quality leather item but also some treats inside as well. Wine-lovers will lose it over a Merlot Tote bag filled with...yup! A bottle of Merlot….or a Cabernet Sauvignon...or a Pinot Noir (an Oregon speciality)! Add wine wipes and wine glass charms for a totally thought-out gift set. 

classic tote

Classic Tote - Merlot

Another idea: hand out your bridesmaid gifts on the night of the bachelorette party! Fill a Mini Tote with items that will ensure a long-lasting night of fun like mini liquor bottles, bottled water, Advil, scratch-off lottery tickets, and disposable cameras. As the years pass, the gift will carry fun memories among other things! 

Want to go a little smaller? Our leather wallets, such as the Rancher or Mini Envelope, will hold a selection of gift cards – everyone loves to be treated to a coffee, meal, or a massage!

4. Maid of Honor Extraordinaire

Perhaps you know an extra-special person who has gone above and beyond to make sure your experience as a bride was near-perfect. You may consider a complete gift set: a tote, wallet and makeup bag is an unbeatable trio. (Be sure to put some tissues in there because she will most certainly shed some tears….) 



5. It’s the little things

Ultra-prepared brides are impressive. You might want to have a stash of small goods on hand for those surprise helpful hands. Your wedding angels – I’m thinking Aunt Mildred and her sewing kit that fixes the torn veil 10 minutes before the ceremony or the super-caterer that procures a slice of gluten-free cake when a celiac guest arrives unannounced. Wedding favors that are inexpensive (but not cheap) include tassels, key chains, and the minimalist wallet. For the most modest wedding budget, a Small Item Mystery Box will provide you with a lovely little selection of thank you gifts.   

   tassel keychain
Anyone that has ever been a part of wedding planning knows that after countless hours of preparation, the big day goes by unbelievably fast! Your bridesmaids will appreciate receiving a gift that will never wear out and never go out of style. A gift that they look at for years to come and smile when they think of all you have been through together.