PLG Makers Market Saturday Nov 2nd: Public Welcome

Makers Market: A Day to Celebrate the Hands Behind the “Handmade”

 Did you know that we make our leather goods right here in Portland? That’s right, not only do we create and produce the best handmade leather products in the US, all from our stunning 24,000-foot workshop, we also operate shipping, customer service, accounting, marketing, branding and photography in our in-house professional photo studio. All in one place makes it easier to get our products into your hot little hands, but we are more than what we do. Yes, we are a leather goods company, but what makes us so special is the people.

Portland leather makers market with inhouse artisan works

Each one of us is a creator. We’re a group of artists, painters, actors, woodworkers, teachers, writers, photographers, designers, therapists and more who want creative outlets in all parts of life. We come to work for Portland Leather Goods and love pouring our special gifts, skills and talents into your future favorite leather goods product. We look forward to spending the day doing something we love but it doesn’t end when we clock out. Many of us also specialize in our own outside venture. We are creators at heart—it runs through our veins. For us, creating is as important as the air we breathe.

 We are a collective group of passion-filled purpos-istas, creating products that bring us joy. 

Which is why once a year we even sell our own products in-house. We have an annual Makers Market to celebrate the Hands behind the “handmade.”

Mark your calendar and save the date. We are hosting our second annual Makers Market in our studio space in Southeast Portland, 2512 SE Gladstone, Ste 200on November 2, 2019. Once a year we celebrate the creative entrepreneur and artisan in us all.  

We are professionals with our own product lines. Many of us have Etsy shops and Instagram pages for our passion projects. This is a one-day show for us to share our passion and celebrate the unique perspective in us all.

We love that we can join together to honor American craftsmanship and support the local entrepreneur.

This year we will be featuring products inspired by the heart and soul of emerging makers. In a quest to bring you the best in handcrafted, detailed design, we will showcase the proud creations from our employees.

Last year’s highlights included Carly A Handwovens Loom, where shoppers had the chance to sit down and use it, and Loni Gaghan’s Love to Love You Clothing specializing in bright, happy clothes.

This year we will be bringing back crowd favorites and inviting even more employees to join.

Meet the Hands behind the “handmade” and featured artisans at the second annual Makers Market this year. 

 Meet Loni Gaghan @Lovetoloveyouclothing

For the past two years, Loni Gaghan has been bringing her smile to Portland Leather Goods and this smile carries through to her own creations. She is the founder and vision behind Love to Love You Clothing. Her Instagram feed @Lovetoloveyouclothing is decked out in boxy block tops with interesting shapes and illustrative patterns. She loves to create skirts, shirts, dresses and tanks that make people feel good. Her bright, happy clothes are reminiscent of an era when things were simple, easier and a lot more predictable.

Aiming to keep the skip in our step with a joy-filled approach to life, she loves to infuse playfulness into all her pieces. Using airplane stamps and bird motifs, her line of creativity is certainly flight. She’s been creating her own line for the past 10 years and it has evolved and grown along with her. She focuses on remaking things not found in stores and completely from scratch.

Her passion for creating started at a very young age as she learned how to sew and was instantly drawn to the experimental aspect of it and creating things new. She pulls her inspiration from current styles and things she feels like wearing. At this year’s Portland Leather Goods Markers Market, she will be bringing some of her bestsellers from her Etsy shop, the block-pattern tees and dresses.

Focused on the present, she is also thinking about the future. She plans to open her creations up into a plus-size line, because she believes that every body deserves to feel confident and unique and hopes her clothes can do this for all.

 Check out her online store here.

Meet Jess Yelley @pinthreadpdx
Jess sewing a leather tote bag in Portland Oregon
Jess Yelley specializes in creating upcycled bags like fanny packs and denim clothes. She has been working at Portland Leather Goods for the past two years. She loves being part of the Makers Market because “Everyone has a passion and a craft and we get to come together to celebrate it! People are so good at what they do.” She first learned how to sew in home ec class and quickly took to tearing up clothes to modify them into something she enjoyed more. She loves working with the sewing machine, to bring her “Cool, Interesting” products to life.

She’s inspired by architecture, shapes and nature, and she loves tropical palm trees and patterns as you can see on her Instagram feed @pinthreadpdx where she posts products often. She plans to continue to grow the line with more products created with canvas and leather. This year you can expect to see some of her bestsellers including fanny packs, makeup bags and purses.

Check out here online store HERE.

Meet Carly Neil @cahandwovens   

Carly with Saddle leather zipper tote
Carly is a hand weaver, artist, and craftsman who loves to travel, bake goods, and spend time with furry and scaly friends. Last year her loom was a huge hit, and she looks forward to bringing it again. She will be selling small blankets that represent her style aesthetic of clean, modern, and American traditional.

All of her work is material based as she works with cotton and her favorite, alpaca. She’s been weaving for the past seven years and creates all her products by commission and word of mouth.

She loves weaving because “It is a very linear process. It combines my left and right brain, because I have to problem solve but I am creating.” She’s been living in Portland for the past four years. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, she went to school at the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in fibers.

You can connect with her on Instagram @cahandwovens and visit her booth at this year’s Portland Leather Goods Makers Market.

We hope to see you in person this November 2, at the Portland Leather Goods Makers Market.

When: Nov. 2
Where: Portland Leather Goods 2512 SE Gladstone St, Portland, OR 97202

Come one, come all, get ready to have a creative ball.