Jewelry Care

Gold Vermeil Jewelry Care

When caring for your gold vermeil jewelry, it’s important to keep it dry, clean and stored properly. Water, lotions, oils, perfumes, and any other chemicals can strip away the top layer of your jewelry, leaving it dull, discolored and more vulnerable over time. Removing your jewelry before bathing, swimming or working out is the best way to prevent damage. In general, your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before you go and the first thing you take off when you get home. Once removed, gently wipe down your jewelry with a polishing cloth, and store your pieces separate from each other and the rest of your jewelry to avoid scratching and tangling. Sticking to this quick routine will ensure your jewelry stays looking shiny and new for years to come!

Sterling Silver Care

Sterling silver is unique in that it makes the perfect, lived-in jewelry. By nature, it is a hypoallergenic precious metal, making it safe for those with skin sensitivities to metals. The oils in your skin are also perfect for keeping your silver looking polished, so regular wear can help slow down the tarnishing process! That said, sterling silver will oxidize over time, so wiping your jewelry down after each wear and storing your silver in a sealed or airtight box/bag is the best way to prevent tarnishing. When your sterling silver jewelry needs a little extra TLC, a silver polishing cloth can be used to gently buff out any tarnished areas. For those hard-to-reach areas, ultrasonic cleaners are safe to use and work wonders at loosening stubborn debris.