Thanks to happy customers who have been spreading the word about our leather goods, the demand for our products is growing incredibly fast, and so is our Portland team!  What started as a three-person operation is now a team of seventy!  

Our company is unique in that we have all of our diverse departments including design, hide cutting, sewing and assembly, customer service, shipping, photography, videography, social media, and graphic design all under one roof in Southeast Portland.  Not only that, but our workshop is open to the public with a small retail space right in the bustle of it all!

For the first three years of our business, we made 100% of our items here in our workshop.  Now, in our fourth year, we couldn’t be happier to be bursting at the seams in Portland and to have grown our team to include a core group of talented artisans in León, Mexico as well.  Logistically, it makes sense for us to work with these makers in Mexico. This is where our leather is tanned, so it is easy to deliver hides right in the same city. Not only that, several members of our team make regular trips to León, and this location allows us to build close relationships with everyone involved in making both leather and finished goods!

We work solely with US Native Steer hides that are tanned and dyed at the very best tanneries in León, Mexico.  Our tanneries hold prestigious certifications for environmental and social responsibility and are recognized worldwide for their innovation, creating new and novel ways to reduce the environmental impact of the leather industry.

When it comes to constructing our products, we wouldn’t partner with any makers that don’t match our exacting standards for the quality of materials and construction.  We work very closely with our Mexico team to ensure that everything, down to thread thickness and stitch length matches our own in-house standards. The partnership is working so well that even our own team can’t tell the difference between the items made right here and those that are made in Mexico.  If you are curious about who made your bag, simply refer to the country of origin label within the bag. When we first began to make this transition, all items that were made in-house are free of any labeling. All products that were made abroad are labeled accordingly with an ink stamp or leather tag indicating the country of origin.  Coming soon, each bag will have a fabric tag identifying which items are made in Portland and which are made in Leon.

The products that are currently made in Mexico include our messenger bags, bi-fold wallets, and also a portion of our backpacks, totes, and crossbody totes. Our leather belts are cut, punched, and burnished in Mexico, with final assembly and branding taking place in our Portland workshop.

The rest of our items, including Dopp kits, makeup bags, journals, passport covers, pencil cases and so many more are made in-house in Portland.  Our Portland team also continues to make the majority of our totes in-house as well as backpacks, crossbody totes, mini crossbody totes, and other small bags as-needed. 

Every product we sell is designed by our team right here and passes through our rigorous quality checking process in Portland.  Once approved all items are carefully packaged by our meticulous shipping team before making their final journey to you.