We love you


Thanks to happy customers who have been spreading the word about our leather goods, the demand for our products is growing incredibly fast, and so is our Portland team! What started as a three-person operation is now a team of seventy!

made here

And There

For the first three years of our business, we made 100% of our items here in our workshop.  Now, in our fourth year, we couldn’t be happier to be bursting at the seams in Portland and to have grown our team to include a core group of talented artisans in León, Mexico as well.  Logistically, it makes sense for us to work with these makers in Mexico. This is where our leather is tanned, so it is easy to deliver hides right in the same city. Not only that, several members of our team make regular trips to León, and this location allows us to build close relationships with everyone involved in making both leather and finished goods!


The Best

We work solely with US Native Steer hides that are tanned and dyed at the very best tanneries in León, Mexico.  Our tanneries hold prestigious certifications for environmental and social responsibility and are recognized worldwide for their innovation, creating new and novel ways to reduce the environmental impact of the leather industry.