Shop Dogs - Portland Leather Goods


Our shop dogs often join their mom or dad for the work day. On any given day, there are up to 6 dogs giving moral support to those making and shipping our handmade leather goods.


Nala is probably one of the softest dogs your will ever pet. She was adopted by Carly, who is our Tote Production Coordinator. Nala loves to keep her mom in sight, but can also be seen bouncing around the workshop, saying 'Hi' to everyone, and flopping over to get some sweet belly rubs.


Josie is a sweet, old girl. Her mom is Jen, another one of our talented Sewers. You can find Josie sniffing around the workshop, looking for belly rubs, and giving you puppy dog eyes for affection (and sometimes food). She has one white speckled paw, which if you ask nicely, she'll let you shake!


Boo's favorite activity around the shop is raising hell, which she does an exceptional job at. But hey, what do you expect, she's just a puppy!
Boo works with her dad MacCoy in the Marketing Department. Boo loves to meet new people and may just jump up and give you a kiss!


Millie is a sweet little snuggle bug, who gets very excited to meet and greet new people. She belongs to Charmaine, our talented Photographer. You can sometimes find Millie sleeping in a patch of sunlight in our bright photo studio.

Avon & COCO

Coco and Avon occasionally make surprise workshop visits. They belong to Curtis and Caitlyn, the founders of Portland Leather Goods. Though small, they are full of energy! Avon can be seen chasing Coco around the workshop, and when they're tuckered out, they'll both take an afternoon nap by the Marketing Team.


Wiley belongs to our lead Chomper Alex. Although just a puppy Wiley is calm like a monk, with an old soul behind his puppy dog eyes. Wiley visits often so if you come in, expect him to be down for a long belly rub... or two.