WORKSHOP - Portland Leather Goods


Our beautiful 12,000 square foot workshop in SE Portland is open to the public. Come see our workshop, the tools and techniques we use and meet the people who help make the #1 U.S. handmade leather goods.


Looking to expand from our humble beginnings in a garage, we moved into our huge 12,000 sq. ft. workshop in SE Portland.
We need a lot of space. After all, we do everything in-house.

Each item is designed by a member of our team, often going through several stages of prototypes that team members try out, and give feedback on in order to constantly improve our designs.

Our workshop is equiped with 28 ft ceilings, 18 handmade workbenches and 560 window panes. This is a space that lets us do what we do best
design, create and produce the best handmade leather products in the US.


We’re a group of artists, painters, actors, woodworkers, teachers, writers, photographers, designers, therapists, and more who want creative outlets in all parts of life.

Everyday we come to work we're surrounded by friends and maybe a shop pup or two.

Our team comes together to be creative, to work with our hands, and to enjoy spending the day doing something we love.



What makes Portland Leather Goods so unique is our high-quality products coupled with affordable prices. But handmaking the best leather goods in the U.S. is no easy task...

We use full grain leather, the strongest and most durable leather available, to create stunning products that only get better with age. And we don't play when it comes to our sewing machines either. Our industrial sewing machines stitch the leather with waxed thread, ensuring quality for years to come.

From our sewing machines all the way to firebranding, we have the tools, skills, and people to get the job done right.

2512 SE Gladstone St, Suite 203
Portland, OR 97202