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Deluxe Accordion Purse

Sale price $118
Retail: $260
Save: $142
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  • From purse to wallet in a snap: the Deluxe Accordion is a game-change
  • Adapt to your needs in seconds with the adjustable, removable strap
  • Features an interior zippered compartment, 8 card and 2 cash slots
  • Expandable accordion construction means max carrying potential

Our durable leather goods are unlined, featuring the natural suede side of the hide. Since fabric-lined bags inevitably discolor and tear with use, we chose to showcase the soft sueded underside of our hides, ensuring that your bag lasts a lifetime.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer H.
Versatile wallet/purse holds more than you think

This is a great convertible wallet/purse option and I am really glad I got it. For most days my daily carry is the Poppy or Festival as I don’t need to carry a lot, but when I need to carry a bigger bag like a tote or laptop bag (say when traveling or heading to the office), it’s a bit awkward to stuff my daily purse inside the larger bag. Enter the deluxe accordion! I transfer my wallet items (ID, cards, cash) into it and it can hold other small essential items comfortably like my iPhone 13 mini (in the empty spot shown in the attached photo), a hand cream tin, gum packet, tissues, a pair of ThinOptics readers, a couple of packaged sanitizer wipes, etc. I can fit a couple of other small items (lip balm, lozenges, coins) into the zippered part so they don’t fall out. I take the purse strap off and it fits inside my larger tote or laptop bag with ease, then I put it back on for when I don’t need my whole tote with me for dashing out to lunch or to a store. This worked perfect for recent traveling and then for the days I didn’t want the whole tote with me I just added the purse strap and I was good to go with my essentials, nice and light. For reference I was using it in a medium CB into which I also had a tablet, utility bag, book, and a couple other small items. As for the looks/style, I adore it, very classy looking! Lava is a gorgeous color and I look forward to seeing how the patina develops over time. I didn’t see anything flawed with this AP item whatsoever. I went with AP knowing that as a wallet it would be taking a bit of a beating with regular use and yes, it started picking up some light scratches very easily right away through normal use. but I have found that the little trick of smoothing them out with a finger works perfectly! It’s truly like magic! I am enjoying the Lava so much that I ordered a Hawkeye in the same color and I think this wallet is going to work really great in that bag on days that I want a larger bag other than a tote.

Kathy B.
Roomy, Functional & Stylish

I already own a deluxe accordion purse in electric blue and when the sale hit I picked up one in pebbled black as I prefer how pliable the softer leather is. It is seriously one of my favorite PLG products as it works as a crossbody purse, shoulder purse, clutch or a wallet. Seriously!! It holds so much including my iPhone 14 Plus WITH a Popsocket!! I’m posting a picture of my electric blue with an aftermarket strap for reference. Highly recommend this product. Oh…forgot to mention that I went over this purse with a metaphorical fine tooth comb and could not find anything that made it ‘Almost Perfect’.

Leslie S.
Perfect size!

Though it's called a purse, I'm using it as a wallet. I keep it in my mini crossbody tote. Fits great. When I need to carry just a wallet I can take it out and carry as a clutch and for shopping or concerts I add the strap.


This Deluxe Accordian is beautiful! I’ve scratched it up some, but that’s to be expected on soft, buttery leather. I keep it in my purse with the strap unattached. When I go in a store and don’t want to haul my large purse, I just attach the strap to the Deluxe Accordian and take it. It has room for cards, cash, coins, checkbook and more. I love it! I wish there had been more color selections but I bought Almost Perfect, so I think there are fewer options.

Holds Everything!

This is my second Deluxe Accordion and they're so versatile! Great as a small crossbody or remove the strap to carry as a clutch or wallet in a larger bag. Holds all the essentials (cards, cash, phone, key fob, chapstick) for a quick grab & go! Lava is a gorgeous color. This AP version was truly almost perfect with only a tiny indent on the back of the bag, which is barely noticeable. AP are my go-to and rarely have issues that I'd consider deal breakers.


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