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Leather iPhone Case

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Your phone goes everywhere with you, so why not protect it with the best? Our iPhone case easily snaps into place providing a snug fit and the full-grain leather only gets better with age. So good-looking you may start staring at the back of your phone as much as you stare at the front.


  • Protective microfiber lining
  • Built-in MagSafe magnet
  • Compatible with MagSafe wireless chargers
  • Open areas for ports and camera
  • Metal side button

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 181 reviews
    Rachele C.
    Even smell leather on phone!

    I ordered 2, one for my son and one for me. My husband took mine so I need to order another! Fit our 14pros perfectly and feel really nice to hold and pretty awesome you can get your leather smell addiction from phone too!

    R M.
    Works with iPhone 12 Pro Max

    I got the iPhone 13 Pro Max case and it fits on my iPhone 12 Pro Max just fine. The camera opening is a bit wider but it’s hardly noticeable and the opening for the slider switch on the left is a little bigger and not quite centered but everything functions properly. MagSafe charging works just fine too. The Cornflower color looks really great with Pacific Blue iPhone. I also use a MagSafe accessory that gives me a back grip that compliments the case as well. My pics do not do it justice. Oh and it smells like PLG leather.

    Kathleen Y.
    Favorite phone case!

    This is the first time I’ve ordered a leather phone case and I love it! The cornflower is so pretty. I do have to remind myself not to handle it when my hands are a little yucky, but other than that, I have no issues.

    Sara L.
    Gorgeous case

    This is a gorgeous case. I purchased this as part of an early Father’s Day gift, and my husband and I were both thrilled with the quality and look of this case. It looks great paired with the matching watch band as well:)

    Erin C.

    I remember the day I bought my first iPhone. Who doesn’t.? Way back when. How many? Truthfully. At least 10. Probably more, Cases? A whole different story.. I’ve lost count. A new phone. New case. Something about it so annoying I bought another. At times yet another. .. I wasn’t looking for perfection. The holy Grail. Just a case that checked enough boxes to break the cycle. Not my wallet.
    For the first time, ever, I actually asked to write this review. Not the other way around . .
    Why? Because I don’t think my story is unique. I know it’s not because I have watched family member after family member, do the exact same thing . .
    I know what you’re thinking. It’s called Portland leather goods. They make purses tote bags. Not iPhone cases. I dismissed them entirely.
    The only reason I even placed the order was the color. I’d like the color. Read a few reviews and they were positive. Some really positive. And better yet, I knew , if I didn’t like it. Or if it wasn’t the one for me, I could return it . Some thing that most of the time you can’t do .
    I i’ve heard a lot of people say, when they discovered PLG, it was a slippery slope. It was for me. Not until that day. Had I ever owned more than one person. Not a tote. Not a wallet. Not even a keychain. The obsession got a little out-of-control,. Thankfully, I have a lot of support. Encouragement. I wasn’t alone. Embracing walking into my closet and seeing beautiful totes, bags, colors I fell in love with. And to this day, I smile every time . So, like so many other times I ordered it. My expectations weren’t great. But at least I could see the color. The day it arrived, and they put it on my phone. How did in my hand I knew. I found it. The search was over. If I smile to my face, but it also felt like a victory. And a relief. So, if you have an iPhone try it. I could go into detail on all the reasons why it’s the one that it’s a personal thing. You have to discover that for yourself. I can’t say that both my husband and my son noticed it. It’s hard to mess. The colors are old unlike any other. They wanted to hold it. See what was so special about it. And I will never forget the moment when I heard the words as if they were echoing each other,. I said sure you just gotta tell me what color. What I didn’t say? I loved it so much that I quickly ordered another one. For iPhone I don’t even have yet.. another one for a phone I don’t even have yet . Just try it. And I hope you love it as much as I do..

    Tiffany G.
    Cobalt leather iPhone case

    This phone case is great! It is a beautiful color and feels really nice to hold. It works well with my MagSafe Charger, too.


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