And The Walls Come Tumbling Down...

And The Walls Come Tumbling Down...

It’s a beautiful Fall day here in Oregon, and the sun is shining through our open windows, letting in a crisp breeze. Music is playing, people are chatting and laughing – and of course, there goes someone with a sledgehammer, knocking down another wall!
At Portland Leather Goods everything moves fast. And when I say everything, I mean every single thing!
Our little company started out a few years back, with two people and one small garage. As we expanded, we made the bold move into a small portion of an old 1950s building that once manufactured metal tanker desks. Throughout the years the beautiful old building had been divided up again and again into smaller and smaller rooms. Our room was a small pole dancing studio, painted purple with wall to ceiling mirrors.

Within months we were building more and more workbenches, designing new products and kicking down walls. It seems that just as the dust settles and the floor has been mopped another wall is targeted, tackled and toted away. There is never a dull moment. Our one small room became larger and larger. One week there’s a hallway and some lofts blocking off windows, the next a beautiful, expansive workspace with the sun beaming in every direction. More than 50 walls comprising of more than 20 rooms were taken down, some over 40 feet long and 28 feet tall, and the best part is – we all had a hand in making this new space our home.

When you stop by our workshop you’ll be greeted with soaring ceilings, 1000 window panes, 50 fun employees (yes, we are all fun), and depending on the day, up to 12 shop dogs(As of 2020 we no longer offer tours of the warehouse but the Outlet Store is open to the public.)

We’re always growing and expanding, and for this we must thank our amazing customers who just can't seem to get enough of our leather goods and leather products! Currently, Portland Leather Goods has 24,000 square foot – and will be opening a 2000 square foot showroom in the Spring of 2020! 
Among other things, we have our own daylight photo studio to help us with images for our always evolving online marketing. This 1800 square foot space has a white-walled photo wall as well as southern light coming through our industrial iron window pains for that amazing vintage loft look. In addition we have all the lights, props and rigging for flat-lay shoots and white-out product photography.
Portland Leather Goods Daylight photo studio 


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