Portland Leather Goods FAQ

When will my order arrive?

Please allow 3-8 business days for order preparation.

We are pleased to offer a variety of shipping options at checkout to meet your delivery needs.

You can expect a notification with a tracking link as soon as the order leaves our warehouse.

How long does it take to hear back from customer service?

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer experience team is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns via email. We answer emails from 8:30am to 4pm PST and you can expect a response within 2-4 days on average. Holidays may increase response time. We are committed to answering every single inquiry with care, so we appreciate your patience! To get in touch, send a message including your name and order number (if you have one) on our contact page

My package says it has been delivered, but I cannot find it. What can I do?

When this happens, we find that most packages have either been delivered to a neighboring address or will arrive on the following day. If the package does not appear within a few days, please reach out via the contact form with your order number and/or tracking number on our contact page

Do you do custom projects? Can I make a small change to the design?

We know it seems like an easy request to modify something that is handmade, but we do get so many requests for custom work or small changes that we've had to make a blanket rule to stick to our designs as they are! Any changes do significantly disrupt the flow of production, and we just feel that it's not fair on our already very hard-working staff. Thanks for understanding!

How will my leather age? Does full-grain leather scratch easily?

Our leather goods are made to go along with you on all of your adventures! Even so, full-grain leather can be very vulnerable the first few weeks of its life and scuffs and scratches are part of the territory. Full grain leather will never look flawless, as it hasn't been covered in any kind of plastic coating and it hasn’t been sanded down to remove imperfections. The result is an incredibly durable product. It is meant to have that rugged look that we personally love.

If there is a scratch on the leather that bothers you, try buffing it out with your fingertip or a soft cloth. Many of our leather colors have sufficient oils & waxes in the formula to help "heal" surface marks as they occur. Otherwise, if your bag develops marks that aren't particularly bothersome, we recommend that you let your tote get a little scuffed up—normal wear & tear encourages the natural oils in the leather to release, giving your bag a gorgeous, lived-in patina over time.

This is a gift—do I need to do anything to hide the cost from the recipient?

Since our items are often gifted, we never include inventory sheets or receipts in the package.

Can I get free shipping?

We do our very best to keep our quality leather items as affordable as possible – running regular sales when we can afford to! The truth is that the majority of online companies are selling mass produced items that are made with low quality leather. They buy them at such a low cost that they can afford to give you free shipping and still make money. What we can assure you of is this – when you buy our full grain leather products, they will be 100% hand made at a far superior quality than most other leather sellers. At 50% off retail plus other occasional discounts, we have already lowered our prices to the maximum we are capable of doing. Since we haven't factored shipping costs into this pricing, we need to charge the appropriate amount. We ship using various carriers to find the most efficient route to your destination! We hope you understand where we are coming from!

Can I change my delivery address once my order has shipped?

Orders shipped with FedEx can be managed through FedEx Delivery Manager. With this service, you can sign up for text alerts, provide delivery instructions, redirect your package for pick-up, and more - all for free. For an additional charge, you can even schedule the delivery for a specific time, or change the delivery address after it’s shipped. You can access these features by tracking your package, and then following the “Manage Delivery” link shown under the delivery destination.

Do you ship internationally?

We certainly want everyone to enjoy our leather, far and wide… However, shipping our goods out of the US brings about some serious challenges and in order to keep up with our current production demand, and also keep our items at the same low price point, we have had to make the hard decision to not offer international shipping. If at all possible, we encourage you to find someone in the US that you trust to receive an order for you and make your own international shipping arrangements—this can also be beneficial in avoiding customs charges, since the sender is not a business!

My package says it has been delivered, but I cannot find it. What can I do?

When this happens, we find that most packages have either been delivered to a neighboring address or will arrive on the following day. If the package does not appear within a few days, please reach out via the contact form with your order number and/or tracking number on our Contact Page.

I am trying to apply two discounts and it’s not working—help!

We often have multiple discount options available through different platforms, however, we can't stack coupons so we suggest going with the best deal of the day! If you have a code for signing up for our newsletter, you can save that to use another time.

Do you give an additional discount if I order a large amount?

Since our items are already 50% off retail, plus we often run additional discounts, we do not offer a bulk discount for purchasing large quantities. We promise you’re still getting a fantastic value!

Do you take orders for custom items or offer alterations to your designs?

As a handmade leather goods company, we receive a lot of queries about custom work. Unfortunately, we aren't able to offer bespoke craftsmanship to our customers. Even small changes to designs significantly disrupt the flow of production, which is why we aren't able to accommodate those requests. Thank you so much for understanding!

Do I need to do anything to treat the leather when it arrives?

Since our leather is oil-tanned, you won't need to do anything to care for it at the outset. As you begin to use your bag, you'll notice that the leather will naturally condition itself from the inside out, developing a beautiful sheen and naturally buffing scuffs and scratches. After 6-12 months of use, you may notice that you'd like to condition the leather to restore its luster and buff out any dry spots or scuffs. We use the Chamberlain’s Leather Milk in our workshop every day and are able to use it on even our lightest colors without any noticeable darkening. In our experience, the leather will look a bit darker when you first apply the conditioner, but will return to the original color when dry. Of course, take care to use a reasonable amount, as a super heavy coat may have different effects on the leather. Finally, some customers choose to add an extra waterproofing spray to their leather so it will better wick raindrops and moisture, but this is optional.

What is ''Full Grain'' Leather?

Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable available. It is real leather and the unique texture and natural imperfections from the cow's life have not been sanded, cut or shaved off. Full grain leather is SIX times stronger than buffed, upholstery, or 'genuine leather'. Rather than wearing out, full grain leather will naturally condition with use, developing a much sought-after patina and unique character over time. More common 'genuine leather' products available from large department stores have been stripped down and rebuilt with resins, waxes, and chemicals to make all 100,000 look identical. The best these mass-made products will ever look is the day you buy them! In contrast, your full grain Portland Leather Goods items will be stunning when you use them for the first time, and only increase in beauty with every day, becoming something you will treasure for a lifetime.

What is Vegetable Tanned Leather?

Vegetable Tanned Leather is a traditional method of leather tanning that has been used for centuries to preserve animal hides using tannins from wood and bark.

The hallmark characteristic of Natural Vegetable Leather is the patina - the process of aging that gives your leather a rich glowing color and a striking sheen. Starting the moment you first carry your new bag it will begin to change and burnish, becoming uniquely yours.

What does Almost Perfect mean?

The difference between the Premium items and our Almost Perfect items is the number of natural character marks. All full-grain leather has some natural character marks from the cow’s life—bug bites, scratches, stretch marks, wrinkles and flaps. Almost Perfect often will have a mark that is slightly more obvious or will have a combination of the characteristics above. It’s also possible that the color was just a little off from the rest of the hides. Most people are very happy with their Almost Perfect purchase and appreciate the extra uniqueness! None of these "imperfections" will affect the integrity of the item—you'll still receive a wonderfully well-made product that will last a lifetime, and if you are not happy, it can still be returned or exchanged!

Can I edit or cancel my order?

Yes, we offer a 2-hour cancellation window! Cancellations can be made by the customer through the order confirmation page, order email confirmation, or order history page under your account.

After 2 hours, your order will be in the hands of the fulfillment team and, at that point, we will be unable to accommodate cancellation requests.

Changes, such as adding an item or choosing a different color, cannot be made to an existing order. If it has been less than 2-hours since the order was placed, feel free to cancel the order and reorder with the appropriate changes.

Once you complete a cancellation, your payment method will be automatically refunded. Processing time for the refund to show up in your account will depend on your method of payment and your bank’s policies.

What is your exchanges & returns policy?


In order to exchange or return an item, you must visit the portal linked below and complete the process within 30 days of delivery (this window is extended around holidays). To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in new condition. Bags should be returned as they were shipped, with tissue stuffed inside and handles carefully folded to avoid any damage. Footwear and hats must be returned in their original packaging. Bottom wear on shoes will not be accepted. There are certain situations where only partial refunds may be granted (if applicable), such as an item not in its original condition, being damaged, or missing parts for reasons not due to our error.

We will provide a prepaid return shipping label if you'd like to exchange your items or return them for store credit. If you prefer a refund to your original form of payment, your return will be subject to return shipping costs, which will be deducted from your refund. Original shipping costs are non-refundable.

Returns of online orders are welcome in our retail locations.

Mystery Boxes are final sale.

Please click the link below and complete the steps to process your exchange or return.


To be eligible for a return, footwear and hats must be returned in new condition and in their original packaging. Bottom wear on shoes will not be accepted. In order to start a return, please click the link above and use our exchange and return portal. Original shipping costs are non-refundable.

We reserve the right to refuse returns that do not meet these criteria. If you received an incorrect or damaged item, please use the portal above to contact us immediately or email support@portlandleathergoods.com.

Once your return is received and processed, you will receive an email notification and your refund will be issued immediately. Store credit refunds will be issued via digital gift card sent to your email address.

Please allow up to 10 business days for your return to be processed after it arrives in our facility.

Please note that it can take some banks 1-2 weeks to process your refund, so if your funds have not yet arrived in your account, please contact your bank or credit card company for more information. If your bank is unable to assist, please contact us at support@portlandleathergoods.com

What if something breaks? Do your products have a warranty?

All of our leather goods are guaranteed for life for manufacturing defects. Warranty terms do not apply to products that have been modified. If you believe that your leather item has a manufacturing defect, please email our customer service team at support@portlandleathergoods.com with photos of the issue, as well as proof of purchase. Proof of purchase can be in the form of either a confirmation email or order number. Our company has been around since 2016 and we still see totes from that first year looking richer and more beautiful than ever! Specific details of our warranty are as follows:

Leather: We believe in the toughness and durability of full-grain leather. Our straps and leather hides should never break, tear or develop holes even around the area of natural character mark. We will be happy to replace your tote or the straps if this happens for the cost of shipping!

Hardware: Rivets, snaps, and metal hardware are guaranteed for the life of your item. If something breaks within the first 6 months of use, let us know and we’ll set you up with a repair and cover your shipping charges. After that, simply cover the cost to ship your item to our workshop and we’ll cover the cost of materials, labor, and shipping back to you for up to two full years. For products over 2 years old, we’re still happy to repair any broken hardware and will cover the cost of materials and labor, we just ask that you cover all shipping costs to and from our workshop. If you’d prefer to have the repairs done locally instead, let us know and we can send you the hardware you need for just the cost of a flat rate envelope!

Stitching: Whenever possible our team is happy to repair the stitching on your item. If the stitching is faulty due to a manufacturing error, we will repair the stitching free of charge, or if the stitching cannot be repaired, we will replace your item within the first 90 days of purchase. If the seam is coming apart due to wear and tear, we simply ask that you cover the shipping charges to and from our workshop so we can make the repair. Unfortunately, internal seams are not always accessible and cannot be repaired. Take care not to over-stress these seams, so they can stay sturdy for years to come!

Zippers: Please note that zippers are not under warranty. Take care not to over-stuff your zippered item, as increased tension can cause zipper malfunction and tears in the zipper fabric.


These warranty terms do not apply to footwear purchases. If you are experiencing an issue with your new or recently purchased shoes, please reach out to customer service at


How do I clean the leather?

It’s always a sad day when spills and stains happen! There are some things you can do to remove or minimize the damage depending on the nature of the stain.

For light duty cleaning like regular wear and small spills, we suggest Weiman’s Cleaning and Conditioning Leather Wipes! If the stain is more serious, such as ink or dye transfer from clothing, you may need more muscle like theLeather Care Kit by Furniture Clinicwhich uses a foaming action to get deep into the grain, or a multi-step process like Chamberlain's Restoration Leather Care Ensemble. If all else fails, please seek out a local dry cleaner as they’re likely to have experience in removing stains from porous materials.

For other stains, try a leather cleaner such as Chamberlain’s Leather Cleaner and follow the product instructions: Purchase Here

Note: if you plan on caring for the item yourself, make sure to spot-test any products in a hidden area, like the back of the inside pocket in case there are unexpected results.

If all else fails, or in the case of a more devastating stain, please seek out a local dry cleaner as they’re likely to have experience in removing stains from porous materials.

Why do some products ship faster than others? I placed two orders on your website and the newest order shipped right away. My first order hasn't shipped. Do I need to worry?

Each of our items have individual processing times, which means that some orders may ship out at different intervals during the quoted fulfillment window, and this is completely normal! We’re working hard on this open order and as soon as it ships you’ll receive an email with tracking information!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Shop Pay and Klarna.

Can I add to my order or combine multiple orders?

We are unable to add items to an order or combine two separate orders. We encourage you to place one order for all of the items you had your eye on!

My tote doesn’t look exactly like the one in the photo? Did you send me the wrong color?

We are always happy to review a photo of your tote to make sure that you received the correct color. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the tote is the correct color, however, as leather is a natural material and it is dyed in batches, there is a spectrum within any particular shade. This is more prominent in the brown tones, such as Cognac and Honey. We review and update our listing photos as frequently as possible to make sure the color we are sending out is represented as accurately as possible. Keep in mind that our photos are taken in either a bright studio or on the street using professional cameras, so your tote might not have the same vibrance when you open the box on your dining room table! Take your tote into natural light and if you feel the shade is off from what you expected, snap a picture for us to review and send to support@portlandleathergoods.com along with your order number.

I thought everything shipped from Portland, so why did my order come from Dallas, TX?

Though we are an Oregon-based company, most of our customers are in the middle or eastern states. That’s a long way for a tote to travel! Since our goods are shipped up from our workshop in León, MX, having a second warehouse in Dallas, TX means that we drastically cut our carbon emissions by shortening the journey for many of our orders! The Dallas team is dedicated to maintaining PLG’s efficiency and care!