T.L.C. A Total Leather Care Guide

T.L.C. A Total Leather Care Guide

Welcome to the world of leather care! It’s time to give your beloved leather goods the royal treatment they deserve. We’ve been crafting up something pretty special here at PLG, and are proud to finally introduce a proprietary line of leather care products from our sister company Patina! A little something like magic, these enchanting elixirs will breathe new life into your leather goods. From a cleaner that banishes dirt and grime, to luxurious leather conditioners that will leave your leather feeling as soft as a unicorn's mane, we've got everything you need to keep your full-grain goods looking their absolute best!

Locally sourced and PLG approved – we’ve got the perfect leather care lineup for you. Here is your product guide to Total Leather Care – now that’s our kind of T.L.C.

Preparing to Treat Yourself
(...By Treating Your Leather)

First remove all jewelry, including bracelets. You don’t want to scratch the leather as you are working with it! Grab the item or items you want to treat. Double check to make sure that your hands and microfiber cloths are clean. If you plan to treat various articles that are of different colors, please assign a separate and clean microfiber cloth for each item, so as to avoid any dye transfer!

Also, remember that all of our leather goods are made with full-grain leather, which means natural character marks can be present on each piece. Character marks are inherent to the hide and no amount of cleaning, protecting, or conditioning will remove them. This is normal! Character marks can be a beautiful celebration of the unique life led by each cow.

Now let’s dive in! When choosing leather care products, the options can be overwhelming. At different stages of wear and use, your leather items will need different products and care. How do you know what you need: leather cleaning, leather protection, or leather conditioning? 

Leather cleaning is just that: the act of cleaning dirt, stains, or grime off of leather. Not everything you protect or condition will need cleaning first, so this step can sometimes be skipped. When using a leather cleaning product, remember to let the cleaner do the work. Never scrub the leather! It’s important to note that leather cleaner will not remove scuffs or scratches.

Leather protection comes into the picture when your goal is to be proactive rather than reactive regarding stains, liquid, and other environmental hazards. We recommend it be one of your first steps after receiving your new leather goods! Leather that has been protected will also be easier to clean, because dirt and stains won’t get to the core of the leather as easily. Take care to apply a nice even coat on the entire article and let the protector take care of the rest.

Leather conditioning is best thought of as comparable to the lotion you would use on your own skin. Typically, conditioning is not for newer bags, but rather those that have seen some use and wear! Conditioning is a triple threat because it protects with the added benefit of keeping your leather from drying out, the color from fading, and losing the luster you came to love in the first place. Let the conditioner do the work, never scrub the leather and make sure you treat the entire article. The softer the leather and brighter the color the more gentle you need to be!

Last but not least….once your article is treated and drying, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and go relax! 

The Lineup

Natural Leather Cleaner 

So, life happened! Dust, dirt and grime – it all comes with the territory of putting your full-grain leather goods to good use! But don’t cry over spilled milk – this spray-on formula is your go-to source for lifting away light stains and pollutants from the surface of your leather.

Best Used For: Treating everyday dust, dirt, and light stains. As well as restoring dull and dingy surfaces.
How to Use: Coat your item thoroughly, focusing on any areas of concern. Let the product soak in for about 30 seconds, and then wipe away with a clean cloth. Repeat as necessary. Let your item air-dry.

Please Note: Stains that have set or gotten to the core of the leather may need other methods of cleaning or treatment.

Natural Leather Protector

Your first line of defense starts with a layer of protection. This expertly crafted formulation, suited to bags and attire alike, aids in the resistance of water-spotting and staining and will not darken your leather or alter its natural texture. With a lightweight, wax-free formula, peace of mind is just a spray away!

Best Used For: Improving water and stain resistance on leather goods.
How to Use: Spray a light coat all over your item from an 8-10” distance. For maximum water resistance, apply a second layer before the leather has completely dried. Let your item air-dry before use.


Suede & Nubuck Protector

A brushed leather’s best friend! It’s time to step out confidently in those new Taupe sneakers and dust off that Deep Water Tote. Specially curated for soft-surface leathers and fabric, caring for your suede and nubuck has never been easier. This formula not only provides maximum weather protection, it’s environmentally the friendliest suede protectant available on the market today.

Best Used For: Improving water and stain resistance on fabric, suede, and nubuck leathers. 
How to Use: Spray a light coat all over your item from an 8-10” distance. For maximum water resistance, apply a second layer before the leather has completely dried. Let your item air-dry before use. 

Bonus Tip: After fully dried, use a soft-bristle brush (even a toothbrush works great!) to fluff up the surface fibers and restore your item’s velvety soft finish.

The Ultimate Leather Conditioner

Melt your worries away with this multi-action, all in one conditioner – this is your one-stop shop for top quality leather care. This oil-based lotion works itself deep into the fibers of full-grain leather to lift out stubborn dirt and grime, all while hydrating, softening and weather–proofing!

Best Used For: Heals scuffs and scratches. Treatment for deep stains. Softens.
How To Use: Apply this conditioner to a soft, damp, microfiber towel. Be sure to dampen the cloth first, as this will increase the absorbance and efficacy of the product. Apply in gentle, circular motions to the entire item, making sure not to scrub the leather. Let your item air-dry before use. NOT for use on suede or nubuck leather.


Revitalizing Distressed Leather Conditioner

Utilizing the natural penetrating qualities of mink oil to deeply condition and lubricate the fibers of oil-tanned leathers, our Revitalized Distressed Conditioner is a miracle worker for your hard working everyday essentials! This liquid conditioner protects, preserves and aids in water resistance on oil-tanned leathers. The ultimate thirst-quencher for thirsty leathers!

Please note this is an oil-based conditioner, you can expect it to darken the color of your items. NOT for use on suede or nubuck leather.

Best Used For: Deep conditioning to replenish dried out leather that is depleted of oils. It also helps heal surface scratches and scuffs.
How To Use:  Apply using a clean dry cloth in gentle, circular motions. Let it soak in for a few hours or overnight, and wipe away any excess with a clean cloth.


Rain & Snow Shield

Rain, water, and humidity may not be a leather’s best friend, but this little bottle of magic is. Our Rain & Snow waterproofer is specially designed to keep full-grain leather shoes looking sharp no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Say hello to a world of worry-free adventures.
Not only will this lotion protect your shoes from the elements, but with a natural oil and wax formulation, will also nourish and extend the life of your leather footwear.
And yes, you bet there's more! This waterproofer doesn't just work on shoes, it's also a safeguard for your favorite bags and accessories – our trusty Rain & Snow has got your back (and your feet).

Rain & Snow Shield may darken light-colored leather. NOT for use on suede or nubuck leather.

Best Used For: Water-Proofing & Conditioning.
How To Use: Apply with a soft cloth, adding a second coating for maximum protection. Let your item air-dry before use.


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