The Bucket Bag Collection - Exclusive Inside Look

The Bucket Bag Collection - Exclusive Inside Look

At long last, the wait is over! Just in time for sunshine, warm weather, longer days, and later nights – it’s our brand new Bucket Bag Collection. We’ve been working on these new models for months, and could not be more excited to share them with the world. So lend us your eyes and read on to learn all about these beautiful new additions to the PLG lineup!


Between enthusiastic suggestions from our amazing customers and inventive ideas from our very own designers, we are constantly considering new products. And as you can imagine, not all of them stick. But sometimes we come across something that feels perfectly suited – nay, destined – to become part of the PLG squad.  

leather bucket bag

That’s pretty much the story here. You see, the Bucket Bag design embodies all of our core values. It’s simple: practical, functional and no frills. But at the same time, it’s timeless: unquestionably beautiful, classic, and eye-catching. Now, mix those qualities with our luxurious full-grain leather? Honestly, it’s a match made in leather heaven. You get a bag that mixes street style with elegance. So wear it while window shopping or  perusing through an art gallery  – it’s perfectly suited for any setting! And that’s why these Bucket Bags fit so well with PLG. 

Lucky for you, we weren’t able to contain our excitement. So instead of releasing just one new Bucket Bag, we came up with three fabulous designs. Each one highlights different features, functions, and customer priorities. With so many choices, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you! But who knows? You just might need all three.


Our flagship design for the collection! This leather Bucket Bag was designed with those who value convenience and ease in mind, yet it still prioritizes security. When in its open position, you have ready access to the interior compartment. No need to reach in blindly and search for your keys – the drawstring allows you to expand the opening to give you a full view of everything inside. Simply grab what you need, cinch it closed, and you’re back on your way – it’s that easy! 

bucket bag

Available in two sizes, small and large, each bag comes with a slim interior pocket perfect for keeping your cell phone within reach. Both sizes come with a strap adjustable from 42” to 54”, with nine sizing intervals in between. From our testing, we found that this range provides an array of options for all sorts of different body types. What’s more, these sizing options allow our Bucket Bags to easily toggle from crossbody to shoulder bag, depending on your preference!

Not sure what size to get? Well, let us give you a few tips. The small Bucket Bag is lightweight and portable, perfect for those summer get-togethers when you need somewhere to keep your phone but your outfit doesn’t have pockets. Of course, there’s even more room for your wallet, keys, and even a tumbler of rosé – at least, those are the types of summer get-togethers we like to go to!

The large Bucket Bag is a noticeable size-up, and for some, may be big enough for a daily bag. It’s just about the size of our Small Classic Tote, if you’re familiar. So if you’re a minimalist, then this is the Bucket Bag for you! It’s got all the accessibility of its smaller counterpart, but with that extra bit of room for those everyday necessities. Headed to the park for a long day in the sunshine? You can fit a water bottle, book, sunglasses, snack, and your other essentials in here no problem.  

coldbrew bucket bagThese bags are available in a variety of pebbled leathers, which perfectly emphasize the relaxed feel and casual look of the design. Some colors you may already be familiar with – Coldbrew, Nutmeg, and Black leather – but be sure to check the latest color additions to the PLG family, Dune and Terracotta! These additions sold out extremely quickly the first time around (we thought they’d last at least a couple of days...but they were gone in minutes!). Don’t worry, we’re planning a big restock in all Bucket Bag colors really soon.


We love all of our beautiful bags, but understand that the crossbody style isn’t for everyone. That’s where the Bucket Backpack comes in. Keeping in line with the latest fashion trends, this design was created with three priorities in mind: portability, style, and usability. 

This bag takes the classic look and functionality of our Large Bucket Bag, and tacks on a few more features to make it secure and comfortable to wear on your back. When open, you can easily reach inside to pack or grab something. Because we know everyone has a habit of overstuffing backpacks to the point where they’re overflowing and way too heavy (is that just us?), we focused on creating a practical yet light design to ensure this bag could keep up with you on an all-day excursion. 

bucket backpack

But that’s not to say there’s no space inside – guess again! Our team couldn’t believe how roomy the Bucket Backpack is for how cute it looks. You can comfortably pack all the essentials for a sunny day out and about, and still have room for any must-have finds from your favorite thrift shop (you know, the one where you promise you’ll just stop in to look, but always leave with something new?). And while you’re stuffing this bag to the brim with the treasures you found on your shopping spree, a convenient interior pocket will help you keep track of all your small items. So say goodbye to feeling around in the depths of your bag for your phone, because you’ll always know where to find it.

What our team loves most about this bag is the versatility of the design, and the many different ways you can wear it. Embrace a more casual look by slinging the backpack over one shoulder, or go for classic convenience by wearing both straps. And by reinforcing the top flap with an extra panel of leather, we ensured that this bag will maintain its shape year after year. However you choose to sport our Bucket Backpack, you’ll never sacrifice style for functionality –  this bag is effortlessly beautiful no matter what. 

leather bucket backpack

So take this backpack to the beach, trade it for your purse on a shopping spree, or bring it to a weekend getaway. With an assortment of multiple pebbled leathers to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s just right for you!


Looking for a roomier bucket bag with more structure? Then this is the one for you! Our team is always working to design someone’s dream bag, and our Butterfly Bucket Bag combines a classic elegance with the practicality and capacity that our modern customer base is looking for. 

First things first: this bag has SPACE! Many customers have been asking us for a bag that borrows from both the Mini Crossbody Tote and the Triangle Bag, so that was the motivation for this design. But open it up and you’ll find quite a bit more room than you might have thought at first glance. 

butterfly bucketWe also wanted to offer more leather choices for our Butterfly Bucket Bag. While pebbled options are delightfully soft and supple, some folks prefer a more structured design which our smooth leathers can provide. Colors like Grizzly, Honey, and Black offer a sturdier construction that is perfect for carrying heavier items like books and tablets. And if you’re someone who likes to use interior organizers (we’ve heard our Eclipse Makeup Bags work great!), the added sturdiness of these smooth leathers is fit for the task.

But where does the name come from? Well, it has to do with the design. These bags have two interior closures. The first is a magnetic one that connects at the opening, while the second is a sleek latch-and-hook custom designed for PLG to add an extra layer of security. When both are used, it lends the bag an adorable and enticing shape that reminds us of our favorite fluttering friends!

butterfly bucketsbutterfly bucket bag

Now, you may not always need to use that latch-and-hook closure, which is why we added two spacious side pockets that discreetly conceal them when not needed. As a double-bonus, those pockets are perfect for keeping your small essentials handy while on the go! We also invested a lot of time and effort into the design of this bag’s crossbody strap. After many trials, we landed on a length that accommodates many different frames and shapes. But even better, our extender is actually compatible with this bag’s crossbody strap – so if you need a little extra length, you can have it.

Whether you’re a commuter looking for a new everyday bag or a frequent excursionist in need of a change-up, the Butterfly Bucket Bag is sure to be your new go-to. Its spacious interior and original design will make you the envy of all your colleagues by day. And don’t bother swapping it when the clock strikes five – its sleek and stylish look will go well with any evening plans.

leather bucket backpack

With so many choices, it might seem daunting to choose the right Bucket Bag for you! Fortunately, since each design features a unique style and exclusive features, you’ll hopefully have the tools to find your perfect match. And if not, well, it might just be the perfect excuse to get one of each!


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