What is a Dopp Kit?

What is a Dopp Kit?

Would you like to be a time traveler with us? Let’s go back in time to the early 1900s. Meet one of our favorite leather gurus, Charles Doppelt, a German leather-goods maker from Chicago who gave a much-needed upgrade to the “toilet bag” by fashioning a leather bag called the Dopp kit (inspired by his last name). Charles Doppelt scored a sweet contract with the US Army during World Wars I and II, which fast-tracked his product into the hands of millions of eager men all across the world. The bags were a sensation, and demand for Dopp kits soared when American men returned home from war. People were coveting this new wash bag.

The bags eventually became so popular that Samsonite purchased Doppelt’s company in the 1970s, their aim being to trademark the name “Dopp kit.” Fast-forward to today, Dopp kits are a sophisticated, classic way to store essentials when you travel (or these days even for when you stay at home to help keep things organized). 

If you want a toiletry bag with super style, opt for our Deluxe Dopp Kit made of classic full-grain leather. It will last forever, develop a beautiful patina with time and use, and become something you enjoy owning and carrying around. It’s something you’ll be able to pass down to your children, along with the stories of the places you took it.

So What Goes in a Dopp Kit? 

Great question. The Dopp kit is a small travel bag where people choose to store their bathroom items. Your toothbrush, your shave cream, your lotions, etc. Not only does it help you stay organized by keeping everything in one place but it is easy to care for and only gets better with age. This is because our Leather Dopp kits are handmade with full-grain US cowhide. Strong, durable, and watertight, the leather used to make this product is the same used in making boots, saddles, and all manner of made-to-last, all-weather leather goods, meaning a lining is altogether unnecessary. Our oil-tanned leather is easy to care for and only gets better with use, ensuring your Dopp kit will be a favored travel companion for years to come.

deluxe dopp kit

But the beauty is, this baby isn’t just for travel. We’ve seen a surge in Dopp kits used for home purposes as well. What better way to have a toiletry kit wash bag as part of your daily stay-at-home routine? While the minimalist, classic design and zippered top keep all your toiletries secure,  the simple interior provides easy access to all your daily essentials.

Portland Leather Dopp Kit Bag Size & Colors:

  • Large: 9.5 x 5 x 4 inches (comes with pull tabs)
  • Colors Include: Black, Honey, Cognac & Canyon
dopp kits

A Good Dopp Kit Will:

  • Hold all your necessary goodies and grooming tools (aka must-have toiletries)          
  • Open wide for ease of use
  • Close compactly 
  • Be made out of strong, durable, and watertight material (which is why we make ours out of full-grain leather) 

In addition to the Deluxe Dopp Kit, if you’re looking for more easy storage ideas, check out our leather wallets. We offer hand-made wallets that feature four interior pockets and a bill pocket with a simple and classic design. Plus they can hold up to 12 cards (3 cards/pocket) without losing its sleek look. Our Bifold Leather Wallet is durable, functional, and will last you a lifetime. 

Simple and functional, these products make your life easier.


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