'Almost Perfect' and Our Leather

What is “Almost Perfect”? 

It’s the lowest price on all of our best selling leather goods! Our artisans have very high standards. Sometimes we come across hides with more natural character marks. Other times we notice a small imperfection on a finished product such as a slight color variation or a messy stitch or two. 

When this happens, you save big!

No coupon needed! The maximum discount has already been applied to all items in the Almost Perfect Sale section.

Even on “Almost Perfect” items our quality is guaranteed! If you're not happy with your deal, send it right back according to our standard return policy.

The Leather

Our U.S.-sourced oil tanned leather is incredibly easy to care for. With time and use, the natural oils in the leather will rise to the surface, developing a beautiful patina and smoothing any scuffs or scratches that may have accumulated. Learn more about caring for your new leather product.

Our full-grain leather is the strongest and most durable available, and the unique texture and natural imperfections from the cow’s life have not been sanded, cut or shaved off. Full-grain is SIX times stronger than Buffed, Upholstery or Genuine leather. 

Please note that our pebbled leather, like all of our leather, is a natural product. You may notice changes in grain or texture throughout your bag. Other companies artificially press a pebble texture into their leather. However, the pebbling of our leather is achieved naturally through an extra tumbling process which leaves some areas of the hide smoother than others.