Canvas Care

Our 100% cotton Canvas line is durable, eye-catching, and since it’s PLG you know it’s built to last. The wax found in our canvas items inherently keeps the material more resistant to scratches and dirt as well as acts as a repelling agent to moisture. While our canvas is tough and ready to be your go-to item right out of the box, we are happy to share a few care tips to keep your new canvas looking fine and feeling great. 

  1. In the event you notice some debris, spot clean your canvas with a lightly damp microfiber towel. 
  2. If a stain is a bit more stubborn, add a mild soap, but be sure to remove all soap residue with a cool towel and allow the item to air dry after. We ask you to avoid all detergents, bleach, and no need to machine wash your canvas either!
  3. Out in the elements like us in the Pacific Northwest? You can add an additional wax layer for more water resistance. Keep in mind this may darken the overall look of your canvas item.