The Leather - column

Our U.S.sourced leather is incredibly easy to care for. With time and use, the natural oils in the leather will rise to the surface, developing a beautiful patina and smoothing any scuffs or scratches that may have accumulated. Learn more about caring for your new leather product.

Full Grain: 


Meticulously sourced from the finest U.S. hides, this premium material boasts unique textures and character, showcasing nature's artistry at its best. As time passes, watch as its surface develops a unique patina, telling your personal journey through the years. Unlike processed leathers, full grain leather stands the test of time, due to its unmatched strength and resilience. It's dense fibers offer exceptional resistance to wear, cuts, and moisture, our full grain leather ensures lasting beauty that only gets better with age

Unlike most brands that use artificial stamping methods to create patterns, our pebbled leather is achieved through a natural tumbling process. The distinctive raised, pebble-shaped texture adds sophistication and makes a bold statement wherever you go. But it's not just about looks—pebbled leather is built to last. Worried about daily wear and tear? Don't be! The unique pebbled surface effortlessly hides small scratches and scuffs, ensuring your prized possessions maintain their pristine appearance for years to come!