Wool Hat Care

We designed our hat styles to accompany you on all of your adventures, so follow these guidelines to keep your new Patina hat looking its best!

For general dust or dirt, we recommend a hat brush - follow the grain of the wool and always brush in the same direction to keep the fibers laying flat. This will help keep your hat looking its best! For stubborn lint or pet hair, a lint roller can pick up more stubborn bits of fuzz.

After brushing, if you find your hat needs a bit more care, spot clean by using a damp cloth and gentle soap, and gently buff and blot the surface as needed. The cloth should have enough moisture to clean, but shouldn’t be dripping wet. You can use a clean, dry cloth to blot any additional moisture as needed. 

To clean the sweat band: Use gentle soap, water and a toothbrush to lightly scrub the inner sweatband inside the hat. Blot the hat band with a clean, dry cloth to absorb any excess moisture.

Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners, as this can damage the fibers or adversely affect the dye used. We do not recommend dry cleaning, soaking, or fully submerging your Patina hat!

Our hats are made using 100% felted wool, which means that they may respond to moisture if worn on rainy or snowy days. Luckily, reshaping your hat couldn’t be simpler! Using a clean table, ironing board, or another hard flat surface, place a clean cloth or towel down, and then place the hat on this to iron the brim of the hat. Use your iron’s wool setting and lightly steam to reshape and flatten. The brim should pop back into its original shape! Allow to set and cool completely before wearing. 

If needed, you can use a steamer to steam the crown of the hat to reshape, but be careful to not wet the hat! Just the steam and heat itself will help the wool to reshape to its original form, but, if you wish, you can also reinforce the original shape with your fingers throughout this process.

Further questions about cleaning and care can be directed to our customer service team!