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All Color: Cinnamon Bear
All Color: Cinnamon Bear
All Color: Cinnamon Bear
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Bozeman Wallet

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  • In a contest for the best wallet, the Bozeman can’t be beat
  • Sleek, expandable design
  • Secure snap closure
  • 12 card slots and bill pocket, plus a large zippered coin pocket
  • Can be used as a wallet, or carried as a clutch!

Width: 7.75"
Depth: 1.25"

Our durable leather goods are unlined, featuring the natural suede side of the hide. Since fabric-lined bags inevitably discolor and tear with use, we chose to showcase the soft sueded underside of our hides, ensuring that your bag lasts a lifetime.

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Customer Reviews

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Heidi M.

I am a loyal accordion wallet user. But I love aqua, so I decided to try the large Bozeman. It works beautifully! All of my items from the accordion fit into the Bozeman, and the snap is really so much quicker than the zip. I now have another wallet option, and I love it!!

Brings me so much joy!

I knew I needed this in Sunflower the instant I saw it. I wanted it to stand out in my bag, and it does. It also smells AMAZING! The color is so dynamic depending on the light, but under store fluorescents it looks a little less saturated in person. In the sun, it looks like warm gold. Just beautiful. I've used it kicking around in my bag for a few weeks, and the minimal mark up/scratches have already self healed. I also sprayed protectant on it, and although while wet it freckled orange, it vanished and now you can't even tell.

My Samsung Galaxy S22+ fits comfortably inside and it snaps shut, no problem, no strain.

Amy L.
My Favorite Wallet So far!

I LOVE this wallet so far! The color is beautiful.. I have been using it for about a week and it is fitting in well with the well loved look..

Bozeman large wallet

This is the best wallet. It has so much space. It is great for fitting all my cards and money. It is versatile. It has a zipper pouch for loose change. I can just take the wallet by itself for a night out or I can put it in my bag to help with organization.

Jean D.
This is my Wallet for life!

I have been patiently waiting for the right time and item to purchase in Cowboy Mint.

I LOVE the color. You know that feeling when you put on a piece of clothing and you look in the mirror and say, "THIS is my color!"? THIS is my color.

I LOVE the texture.

I LOVE the size of the Large Bozeman Wallet. It fits all my credit cards and other cards I need/have, my cash, and my change. It isn't too heavy. I have been patiently waiting for a PLG wallet that I could use.

This is my wallet peace. If I had massive amounts of dispensable income, I would make SO MANY purchases/wishes in Cowboy Mint! I already have a list! If I were a contestant on Supermarket Sweep, I'd tell them I want PLG Sweep for Cowboy Mint!

THANK YOU to the designers, the color deciders, the craftspeople, the cows, and any other living being who made this! I really, really, really love it.



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