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All Color: Mini Tote + 4 Items
All Color: Mini Tote + 4 Items | Mystery Box
All Color: Mini Tote + 4 Items
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All Color: Mini Tote + 4 Items
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Mini Crossbody Mystery Box

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Choose My Mystery: Mini Tote + 4 Items

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Whether you are buying your first Mini or adding to your stash, this is by far the funnest way to buy leather goods. MINI CROSSBODY TOTES COULD BE ANY COLOR (PICTURED OR NOT) CLASSIC OR ZIPPERED – look inside to find out! You may very well get hooked on the thrill – you’ve been warned…

This just in: Mini Mystery Box multiples! You asked and we found a solution - no more repeat colors. When you order a 2 Tote + 6 Item or 3 Tote + 8 Item bundle, we will ensure that each tote is distinct. The best part? While a 2-tote Mystery Box increases your chances of receiving a “Unicorn” bag, the purchase of a 3 Tote + 8 Item Mystery Box guarantees you will receive one of these hard-to-find gems.

Mini Mystery Boxes that include small items will have a delightful, random assortment of products that may or may not be on our website. Excellent for gift-givers at heart, these items may include (but not limited to): journals, wallets, passport covers, pencil cases, coin pouches, makeup bags, tassels, coasters, and more.

*While each Mystery bundle will contain distinct tote colors, these are pre-boxed – you may receive duplicates if purchasing more than one bundle! Mystery Boxes are Final Sale and we can’t take into account special requests - after all, we’d hate to ruin the surprise! 

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Mini Crossbody Tote

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Hope R.
Merlot mystery

This was a birthday gift for myself. Love the Merlot color I received. It is a good size bag. Fits the 4 small items plus my large wallet and phone

Cindy M.
1+4 mystery mini crossbody

I received my first ever mystery box. Ordered a mini crossbody zip with the 4 littles. The bag is Merlot. It’s a very stiff structured leather. I’m not sure if I’m ultimately going to like enough to keep it. I’m so used to pebbled leathers and just wasn’t prepared for the feel of the Merlot. It’s a beautiful color but I’m just not sure if the texture of the leather is for me. Re: the littles these are my best guesses for items and colors. Recvd a matcha journal, a lilac mini envelope wallet, an eclipse makeup bag in champagne, also a taco tassel pouch w/o a tassel. Seems to be this size and not sure of the color. Overall I’m pleased and I will probably try a mystery box again. It’s so fun to anticipate what you’ll receive.

Lisa W.
Best one yet!

Wow! First tote out of the box, Champagne, not a color I would have picked but it was love at first sight! So soft and shimmery gorgeous. I usually gift one or two of the totes but I’m keeping them all, even the Deep Water because who doesn’t need navy? First little was the 2 zip wallet which is unavailable on site and I have been bummed I missed out, in my beloved Cold Brew I would have been happy with just that but everything perfect. This MB was better than my first and I was thrilled with that one, planning on ordering the Medium Cross body MB next. For the price of a single designer bag you get three bags and eight accessories you can’t beat that. The leather is top quality, the products are top notch, and the fun of discovering what awaits you can’t be beat. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Merrilee H.
Great box!

I loved this box! My only regret was waiting so long to purchase one! I never would have picked this color for myself normally, but absolutely love it!


I told myself I wouldn't get sucked in to mystery boxes but I absolutely have. They're a way to get colors that aren't available on the website. My plan was to get a mini 3+8 so I could do several things 1) see if the mini size worked for me 2) see if I preferred the snap or zip, 3) Score a unicorn, and 4) and get some littles bonuses along the way. I ended up getting Jellyfish, which is a colorway I've admired for months, with no way to get it! Talk about luck! I also got a tote I had been already on the fence about (love getting it at this 'discount!') and had a really hard time letting go of the last one of them, which I had predecided would be given away as a gift haha! I also got this truly beautiful cowboy mint adriana that had a wonderfully dramatic hide scar. It'll go great with my Cowboy Mint med tote...which was the first tote I ever bought from PLG! How fitting that my first mystery box had it there, waiting for me 🥰


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