All Color: 2 Mini Totes + 6 Items
All Color: 2 Mini Totes + 6 Items
All Color: 2 Mini Totes + 6 Items
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All Variants
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Mini Crossbody Mystery Box

Sale price $228
Retail: $328
Save: $100
Choose My Mystery: 2 Mini Totes + 6 Items

Whether you are buying your first Mini or adding to your stash, this is by far the funnest way to buy leather goods. MINI CROSSBODY TOTES COULD BE ANY COLOR (PICTURED OR NOT) CLASSIC OR ZIPPERED – look inside to find out! You may very well get hooked on the thrill – you’ve been warned…

This just in: Mini Mystery Box multiples! You asked and we found a solution - no more repeat colors. When you order a 2 Tote + 6 Item or 3 Tote + 8 Item bundle, we will ensure that each tote is distinct. The best part? While a 2-tote Mystery Box increases your chances of receiving a “Unicorn” bag, the purchase of a 3 Tote + 8 Item Mystery Box guarantees you will receive one of these hard-to-find gems.

Mini Mystery Boxes that include small items will have a delightful, random assortment of products that may or may not be on our website. Excellent for gift-givers at heart, these items may include (but not limited to): journals, wallets, passport covers, pencil cases, coin pouches, makeup bags, tassels, coasters, and more.

*While each Mystery bundle will contain distinct tote colors, these are pre-boxed – you may receive duplicates if purchasing more than one bundle! Mystery Boxes are Final Sale and we can’t take into account special requests - after all, we’d hate to ruin the surprise! 

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Mini Crossbody Tote

Customer Reviews

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Gina R.
Out of my color comfort zone

While I really wanted a green I surprisingly fell in love with an orange. Thrilled with the small journal. & I have a new found appreciation for the Adriana. It’s perfect for essentials to stash and transfer and carry on its own. Other items were gifts and the recipients are very excited about them. Will definitely order again.

Annie V.
Mystery Minis

My mini was everything I could hope for and more! Loved the colors and the variety I received! Take a look! The crossbody is the perfect size and holds so much more than I anticipated! Also love the blue zipper pouch and immediately put my glassed in the case. The brown notebook with paper is amazing, sharing quick thoughts, jotting off info and tearing it out to give to someone. Thank you!

H. L.
So exciting mini 3+8

This was my first mystery tote style box. I received what I was hoping for. I loved the wonderful assortment of bag colors and the variation of the 8 smaller items as well. I was so impressed with the mini mystery I ordered the medium mystery tote 3+8 box.

Nothing to get excited about

I received my mystery mini +4 and have to say I was disappointed by both the selections and colors. To me the purple is terrible and looks dirty. I, personally, would not use any of the items, not even the mini and hope I can gift them to other family members. I was hoping for a daisy wallet or pencil case, but alas I learned my lesson, I am not a lucky gal. I will not buy another mystery box again.

Kendal P.
So fun!

I had done a few tote mystery boxes and so I figured I would give the Mini CB mystery box a try. SO fun!! I love this little bag too. I got hibiscus which is not a color I would normally purchase but I LOVE how soft the leather is. Definitely a new fav!


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