All Color: 2 Mini Totes + 6 Items
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All Color: 2 Mini Totes + 6 Items
All Color: 2 Mini Totes + 6 Items
All Variants
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Mini Crossbody Mystery Box

Sale price $228
Compare: $328
Choose My Mystery: 2 Mini Totes + 6 Items


No Code Needed • Maximum Discount Applied

Earn up to 228 rewards points!

Whether you are buying your first Mini or adding to your stash, this is by far the funnest way to buy leather goods. MINI CROSSBODY TOTES COULD BE ANY COLOR (PICTURED OR NOT) CLASSIC OR ZIPPERED – look inside to find out! You may very well get hooked on the thrill – you’ve been warned…

This just in: Mini Mystery Box multiples! You asked and we found a solution - no more repeat colors. When you order a 2 Tote + 6 Item or 3 Tote + 8 Item bundle, we will ensure that each tote is distinct. The best part? While a 2-tote Mystery Box increases your chances of receiving a “Unicorn” bag, the purchase of a 3 Tote + 8 Item Mystery Box guarantees you will receive one of these hard-to-find gems.

Mini Mystery Boxes that include small items will have a delightful, random assortment of products that may or may not be on our website. Excellent for gift-givers at heart, these items may include (but not limited to): wallets, pouches, journals, passport covers, makeup bags, tassels, and more.

*While each Mystery bundle will contain distinct tote colors, these are pre-boxed – you may receive duplicates if purchasing more than one bundle! Mystery Boxes are Final Sale and we can’t take into account special requests - after all, we’d hate to ruin the surprise! 

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Customer Reviews

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Addictive but FUN!

This is my second MB. I took advantage of the extra 10% off sale in hopes of getting different colored totes. First time I ordered a Medium CB. This time I ordered 2 mini CB and 6 littles.

My order came a couple of days earlier than initially expected, so that was a definite plus.

One of the totes is the same color as the one I got in the Medium MB, so it was a little disappointing. However, it's a zippered tote and my first is not.

I love all the littles and that everything is a different color. I never would have picked the Rancher, but after looking at them, I definitely think I can make use of them. Was hoping to get a journal, but oh well.

I am in love!

My sister introduced me to PLG and right out of the gate I had to try a MB (I am a notoriously challenged at making decisions) to see what treasures awaited, and what a treat! I received a boysenberry mini and an assortment of littles that are already proving useful. I can hardly wait to try a bigger MB!

Jenny W.
Mystery box fun!

It was so exciting and fun to open my mystery box. I discovered some new leathers and colors. Can’t wait to order another soon!

Adriana R.
Still deciding to try a Mystery Box? JUST DO IT!

I tried my first MB-2 mini tote with 6 littles. While waiting for it to arrive, I was second guessing my decision. OMG am I going to like it? I spent HOW much for things I have NO CONTROL over! The day came-YAY and HMMM. I had my cousin open it, that is how scared I was. (yes I was scared). As she was opening it, my eyes got bigger as did my smile! My MB was amazing. The quality was amazing, the colors amazing, the assortment amazing. I was in love! I have showed my picture of my items & items themselves to many friends and even my PT dr and they ALL fell in love. In fact, PLG may have gotten a few orders from my pic! I used my Lavender bag first and still am, and everytime I carry my purse, I also still carry that big smile from opening box day! Seriously-take the chance! I think you will be very, very pleased! (PS-I have already ordered again lol)

Jean P.
So much fun

This is my second mystery box but first one of the mini’s. I am pretty new to these but I will definitely order again.

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