All Color: Mystery Tote (Only)
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All Color: Mystery Tote (Only)
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All Variants
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All Variants | infographic

Tote Mystery Box

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Save: $197
Choose My Mystery: Mystery Tote (Only)

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Whether you are buying your first tote or adding to your stash, this is by far the funnest way to buy leather goods. TOTES COULD BE ANY SIZE,  ANY COLOR (PICTURED OR NOT), CLASSIC OR ZIPPERED, or be Premium or Almost Perfect – open it up to find out! You may very well get hooked on the thrill – you’ve been warned…

IMPORTANT: Mystery Box multiples! Never any repeat colors. When you order a 2 Tote + 6 Item or 3 Tote + 8 Item bundle, we will ensure that each tote is distinct. The best part? While a 2-tote Mystery Box increases your chances of receiving a “Unicorn” bag, the purchase of a 3 Tote + 8 Item Mystery Box guarantees you will receive one of these hard-to-find gems.

Mystery Boxes that include small items will have a delightful, random assortment of products that may or may not be on our website. Excellent for gift-givers at heart, these items may include (but not limited to): journals, wallets, passport covers, pencil cases, coin pouches, makeup bags, tassels, coasters, and more.

*While each Mystery bundle will contain distinct tote colors, these are pre-boxed – you may receive duplicates if purchasing more than one bundle! Mystery Boxes are Final Sale and we can’t take into account special requests - after all, we’d hate to ruin the surprise!

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Reba B.
Surprise surprise!

My MB was awesome. I had watched what people were receiving for a bout a month thinking I would get something similar, wrong!!!! There is no rhyme or reason but the goodies were AWESOME!! I got 2 medium totes, & 6 littles. I love them all. I would have loved 1 to be large size but 🤷‍♀️ . I will definitely order a MB again!!!!

Erica H.
Just beautiful

I didn’t know what to expect from my first mystery box and I was thrilled with what I think is a medium tote. I wasn’t sure if it would hold everything I bring to work but it easily does. I’m about to order my next surprise.

Annette F.

This was my first tote 3+8 MB and I absolutely love EVERYTHING! which is dangerous but oh so much fun!!

Love the mystery box

I got 2 zipper totes. 1 large zipper, 1 medium zipper, and 1 large tote. The littles are fun. This was my 2nd order, and since I couldn’t decide what I wanted my I opted for the 3 tote mystery. I am not disappointed at all. The blue is my work bag - laptop, organizer, portable monitor, and all the laptop accessories. It holds everything. Now to decide what to do with all the others. Since I’m new I’m not sure about the color names, but I like all of them. Plus, the smell of leather.

Kim H.
Mystery Box — Love the Lava!!

I didn’t think I cared much for the Lava color, but now I love it! A bit of zip but still classic. I received the large size, and you can throw nearly everything in it. The light nick on the pocket and lighter color in the corners is from my use.


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