5 Genius Ways To Personalize Your Leather Bag

5 Genius Ways To Personalize Your Leather Bag

Here at Portland Leather, we pride ourselves in producing simplistic yet classic designs that are sure to stand the test of time. Not only will the leather age beautifully, but the design is sure to delight decade after decade. Of course, that means there is ample room to make each and every bag uniquely YOU! We know our customers are complex and creative, and we are happy to provide a canvas for you to show your expression. Not sure where to get started? Here are a few quick tips to add flare and personality to your beloved PLG tote--whether it is subtle or bold, we’ve got you covered!


Perhaps the creative in you is looking for a way to tell the world what you love—whether you’re an animal lover, plant lover, or are just truly obsessed with your leather bag (tiny leather bag charm, anyone??), charms are a sure-fire way to add that extra touch of personality. Fasten on some prayer beads or crystals for a dose of positive energy, a handcrafted macramé piece for that hip summer festival, or even a wine glass charm for a trip to the vineyard with your best pals. The brilliant thing is that they can be swapped out depending on your mood, outfit or even that upcoming special occasion--the options are limitless, giving your bag a multitude of personalities and functions without breaking the bank! Soon your friends will be asking how you collected so many leather bags...don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!

tote charms

Tassels & Keychains

Looking to accessorize your tote with more PLG swag? We thought so! Our leather tassels are a great way to test out a color that you’ve been eyeing with minimal commitment. Try mixing colors for a lovely contrast or matching for a slight pop of texture—either way, you can’t go wrong! With our Classic and Jumbo Leather Tassels, Pom Tassels, and Tassel Keychain, you might just have to snag one in every color. After all, you never know if you’ll be in the mood for our sultry Merlot or our rugged Canyon. You’ll soon be asking yourself, “Is there such a thing as too many tassels?” The answer is to be determined… 

Crossbody Straps

Did someone say bold and beautiful?! Switching out the strap on your Crossbody Tote could be the flare that you need. We love seeing the combination of our bags with fabric straps, an easy swap thanks to the detachable swivel design, which are a huge hit with our longtime customers. The addition of pattern, texture, and color is not only a fun way to accessorize with an outfit, but it’s a wonderful way to flaunt or even elevate your personal style. Perhaps you’ve been holding on to your father’s (or your own) old guitar strap for sentimental reasons--well, why not put it to use?! Do you have a couple of treasured bandanas? Twist those around the entire strap for a quick and easy transformation. With the addition of proper hardware, you can make almost anything a new strap--just make sure it is sturdy and secure before toting things around!



If you are looking for a creative way to add a personal touch with something you already own, this tip is for you! Scarves have been proven time and time again to be versatile through every season and fashion era, and adding one to your bag is no exception. Whether it’s your favorite find from your local thrift shop, a vintage hand-me-down from your grandmother, or even the newest addition to your wardrobe that you can’t wait to sport, there are countless ways to fasten your beloved scarf to your tote. Let your imagination run wild with different varieties of knots, bows, or even handle wrapping-- the possibilities are endless! This trend has been known to make folks dizzy with delight, you may even find yourself daydreaming about scarves--hey, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

tote and scarf

Tote Organizers

Long-time customers of PLG know that, when it comes to our designs, we believe that less is more. Many of our bags have one interior and exterior pocket to house the essentials, but we know that isn’t ideal for everyone. For those of you who need to manage countless items in your totes without spending eons looking for that one specific thing, a tote organizer could be the ticket! Either opt for standard insert from your local department store, or grab one of the many accessories on our website to add to your growing collection. We have Pencil Cases, Wallets, Makeup Bags and Dopp Kits galore to help to tidy up your bag in no time! (Pro Tip: these items also make great gifts for the students, teachers and busy mothers in your life who have a lot to manage!)

tote organizer

It's Your Bag

Of course, the most important thing is that you feel like a million bucks, we just want to help you get there! Making one (or several) of our bags a wardrobe staple just means that PLG was lucky enough to be chosen for that extra special item. Sometimes the simplest idea is mixing and matching--we LOVE seeing you layer your favorite LBD with a Black Circle Crossbody, adding eye-catching color to your work outfit with a Cranberry Mini Crossbody or keeping it boho with a Bucket Backpack when perusing your favorite flea market. The truth is, our customer’s inspire the heck out of us--we think you’re tote-ally rad!

For more ideas from leather lovers like yourself, feel free to join the Portland Leather Insiders Facebook page, which has endless inspiration for those looking to match their tote with their personal style. Of course, the cutest accessory (and a personal PLG favorite) which needs no explanation, is your furry companion!  

bunny in tote


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