Your Favorite Brown Leather Purse

Your Favorite Brown Leather Purse

A leather purse is a staple wardrobe accessory, but have you ever wondered about the color of your leather purse and what it says about you? According to David Zyla, Emmy Award–winning costume designer/stylist and author of the book Color Your Style, “Even if your wardrobe is filled with clothes of a variety of colors and shades, there is always the color that you give a greater preference to because you feel more comfortable and confident in it. It is the very color that reflects your character.”

Today we want to celebrate our love and passion for brown leather bags.

What your Brown Leather Purse Says About You

Even if you don’t realize it, carrying around a brown leather purse can tell the world a lot about you, and in a mighty good way. Brown is the color of the earth, which means it is familiar, warm, reliable, inviting, strong and stable. When you pick brown as your go-to leather color for your tote bags or purses, you tell people you are grounded, confident and balanced. We may even go as far as to say people who pick brown leather also crave peace, stability and strength in their surroundings. 

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How To Style Your Favorite Brown Leather Purse

But not all brown leather looks the same! Our browns come in a wide range of colors, including Canyon, Honey, Grizzly, Coldbrew and Nutmeg. Some of the reasons we love brown leather so much are its versatile layering options, the multiple aspects of its rich tone, its depth of character and its many functions and ease of use. Take for example our Mini Crossbody Tote. It features a simple but stunning aesthetic. With detachable leather crossbody straps, this tote is a popular choice for everyday companionship because you can seamlessly go from work to play with this transformable and timeless bag. With a classic appeal, this functional, minimalist, durable leather bag is handcrafted with meticulous detail and, bonus points, it will last a lifetime. Now to plot your next purchase and the perfect color choice for you.

Cozy With Canyon

Just like your favorite vintage t-shirt, Canyon wraps you up in familiar warmth and comfort. A velvety soft finish teeming with rugged mustardy goodness, this mottled brown leather is a standout! Especially reactive to its environment, bending the leather reveals hues hidden deep within the hides, making this finish as unique as you.

This super photogenic brown leather is a stunner, and its western inspired vintage look makes it the perfect shade to bring out your inner sun admirer.

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Naturally Nutmeg

Pumpkin Spice has nothing on our Nutmeg! This rich, toasty, medium brown leather with subtle reddish undertones is especially versatile, and pairs with so much more than your favorite fall drink. A standout with any autumn outfit, it also transitions from wintery blues to summery yellows with ease. Extra charm comes from the pebbled texture, achieved through a natural tumbling process ensuring each bag is positively unique! It’s impossible not to feel your best when your Nutmeg companion is at your side. We think the natural, nutty goodness of Nutmeg is a main reason this color is a fan favorite.

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Hooray For Honey

Who knew brown leather could be so rich? Alluring amber tones shine through Honey, and it’s impossible not to feel your best wearing this golden glory at your side. A staple of PLG’s lineup for many years, this tried and true lighter leather compliments a wardrobe of neutrals or provides a subtle grounding hue in an outfit made to pop. Much like you, Honey evolves as it makes its way through the world, mirroring your adventures to develop a buttery soft patina.

honey mini crossbody

Gear Up For Grizzly

True to its name, Grizzly is a rugged, deep dark brown leather with a reputation for bringing out the claws. Wrinkles and scars are a badge of honor on these hides, and only prove that this mighty color makes for a dramatic addition to any outfit. The rich brownie suede interior makes this a scrumptious find as well! Its Pacific Northwest roots shine through as this leather develops a highly sought-after patina with time and use. A sure statement from the farmer’s market to the great outdoors, Grizzly is a forever favorite. 

grizzly shoulder bag

Clarity In Coldbrew

We all know the importance of starting your morning off on the right note with a good cup of joe. Essential in every way, Coldbrew is a pebbled, dark-chocolate-brown leather that is inspired by our must-have daily caffeinated beverage. A subtle slouch makes this an effortless and easygoing option for your daily routine. Its uniform color showcases a lovely pebbled texture, seamlessly transitioning from office to evening. It’s thick yet lightweight, with a light shiny finish from the onset, making this an out-of-the-box immediate winner. It’s no surprise this mug of dark leather goodness is another one of our best-sellers!

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Get One In Every Color!

But don’t forget to check out our brown leather in other styles like the Classic Leather Tote, the leather Laptop Backpacks or the Circle Crossbody leather purse. 

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