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C-Grade Mystery Sale
Nicole S.
C grade sale

My first time doing a c grade sale and it was a lot of fun. The rush and excitement of getting one then it being a total surprise. Bag is beautiful.

C-Grade Mystery Sale
Rachele C.
So Much Fun!

I am fairly new to PLG, so this was my first C Grade Sale. I’m so glad I did it. I went in on a mission for a small bucket bag and accomplished it. I was so surprised how quickly the shipping was, my anticipation was high though. I end up getting Bougainvillea! Oh my gosh what a pleasant surprise, I love it so much. Such a beautiful rich color. Beautiful bag, the only thing I could see maybe c grade about it is the pebbles are a bit smaller on the front and a bit bigger in the back. Oh and I found a hide mark in there too! Gorgeous bag and I will certainly try the sale again.

C-Grade Mystery Sale
Jenniffer S.
So Much Fun

I participated in my first c-grade sale recently and found it quite thrilling. I made it out with 2 purses. Part of the excitement was not knowing the color, but that didn't stop me from checking the tracking status several times a day until delivery. It arrived on my doorstep quickly. Part 2 of the thrill was the unveiling....I was not disappointed with that part either. I got a beautifully made quartz mini and a small bucket that I couldn't find really anything wrong that would make it C grade. So, not only was the sale thrilling, but I am also beyond happy with my purchase. I'll definitely participate in the next one!

Leather Tassel
Rachele C.
Just what my Numeg Girl Needed!

I had just purchased a nutmeg medium crossbody (that I adore) and I thought she needed something to make her even more special. Love the matching colors together.

Cute little pouch!

I love the Daisy for change or jewelry while I travel. And the Mulberry is super soft!

C-Grade Mystery Sale
Julie W.
Pomegranate mini cross body

I was thrilled to receive a beautiful pomegranate mini cross body in the c grade mystery sale. The leather is beautiful and I don’t see any flaws. I hope to see more items in pomegranate!

C-Grade Mystery Sale
C-Grade Crossbody Score

I couldn’t be happier with my first Medium Crossbody purchase in eye-popping pomegranate with a zipper. I love PLG and had so much fun with the C-Grade sale!

C-Grade Mystery Sale
Michelle T.
Pop of color

My C-grade laptop backpack and circle purse are gorgeous and I have NO IDEA why it was classified as C-grade. Super supple and soft. The color of both was pomegranate aka the truest hue of pink! Absolutely in love ❤️.

Taco Tassel Pouch
The best little!

I love the size and shape of the taco and its so versatile!

C-Grade Mystery Sale
Valeria C.
Beautiful bag!

So, so happy with my Whiskey Mini! It’s the perfect pair for my Honey Tote! It’s such a classic tone and it’s elegant and practical!

C-Grade Mystery Sale
Kati J.

Bought two bags from the C grade sale and got lucky with both! They're beautiful ❤️

So fun!

It was so fun doing a mystery box. This was my first one. I didn't love every single thing I got, but I loved enough of it that I'm definitely happy.


Absolutely love my medium tote! I got one with the zipper and the size is perfect. Amazing quality! Will be purchasing more colors!!

So fun! Beautiful bags!

Lots of fun to open the 3 + 8 box and be surprised at what you received. Great variety of colors and browns. Very few marks on bags, was impossible to tell on a couple of them that they are AP. Loved them all!

Great quality bag

I bought this bag from the “almost perfect” category on PL’s website. I wanted it for a date night purse, just the right size to hold a phone, wallet and some lipstick. I wasn’t sure what imperfections it would have on it, but I was blown away by how nice it was when it arrived. It has the smallest of scratches on the bottom. Otherwise, it’s perfect. The leather is thick and of good quality, the zipper is sewn in well and it’s just what I’d hoped it would be size-wise. I’m very pleased.

Taco Keychain
Angela F.
Cutest littles by far!

Love these little guys! They are so versatile and really hold more than you think. I attached one to the outside zipper of a bag for easy access to lip balm or hair Scruncis.

Leather Tassel
Love Portland

I have numerous Portland products. Love them all…I even have a hat!!


I love this wallet. There is enough room for all of my cards and I am able to keep my work cards separate from my personal cards. I love anything blue so the color is absolutely amazing.

C-Grade Mystery Sale
Janie V.
Great quality for the price

My c grade mini came and was a mini crossbody in cognac. I was told that this color was in the sale due to a water reactive finish, but otherwise, the bag was perfect! I used some waterproof spray and I haven't had any issues. Highly recommend taking a chance on this sale when it comes around

C-Grade Mystery Sale
Lise S.
C for Completely Awesome!

This full cd is lovely. I traded it for full cb Umber but it was almost perfect!

C-Grade Mystery Sale
Emily L.
They say Aqua, I say denim

I ordered a mini-crossbody bag from the c-grade sale. I got a color called aqua (which looks like a light denim to me). I wasn't crazy about the brushed leather at first, but I do love the color and it's really grown on me. It's a great bag to use when I'm casual and since it already looks a little beat up (in a good way), I don't have to worry about babying it too much.

C-Grade Mystery Sale
DeNisha M.

The last C-grade sale was my very first PLG purchase and I honestly don’t know what makes it C-grade because it is so lovely. I received a zippered Sedona mini-crossbody. I like that this is small, but can still hold all of my essentials plus a book.

Lagoon Bucket Backpack

The color is dreamy and the texture is sturdy. The bucket backpack holds so much and suits my daily needs perfectly!

Perfect size strap!

I actually got this for a pochade box in the same color as my triangle bag (sunflower!) after falling in love with the quality of PLG, and it is just what it needed to be comfortable!

Urban Sketcher’s Dream!

It’s just the perfect size to haul around the collection of art tools I keep with me to sketch on the go, fits perfectly in the triangle bag.