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Spoiled myself

Beautifully made / great quality and fast shipping! I bought two of this bags - 1 Sedona and 1 Pebble Black (couldn’t resist!). These purses are great for every day use and it’s fits all of my items perfectly! Just get them!

Toasters! ❤️

I love Toaster bags! I have three now and need more colors! I ordered this AP Nutmeg and I’m pretty happy with it! This style is perfect for me! It’s the perfect size, easy to get into because it unzips past the top corners, the strap is nice and long, (I’m plus size) and I love the outside pocket. My only con about this particular bag is that the pebbles in the leather weren’t as noticeable as some of my other bags and the leather felt a bit rough. Maybe that’s what made it AP? Anyway, I conditioned the bag and it’s beautiful.

Leather Tassel
Katie B.
Tassel Addict

I love tassels! These are great. I’ve bought 4 jumbos and 2 standards and they’re all amazing. The smooth leather ones photograph better but the pebbled have more movement. I have 2 jumbos on my butterfly bucket, 2 standard on my small bucket, and a jumbo on each of my triangles. I’m actually waiting on the standard coldbrew ones to restock before buying another small bucket!

Leather Tassel
Kristine S.
Best tassels!!

I love these tassels!! I have them in almost every color, and will continue to buy more when new colors are released.
I am not easy on my bags, and these hold nicely!!

Bucket Bag
Katie B.
So cute!

I got the small and it fits all the essentials. It’s so cute! The nutmeg hide was SO pebbled and beautiful, it was love at first sight. I added 2 standard tassels for flair.

This Backpack it’s everything!!

I’m obsessed with this backpack it’s light weight. The size it’s perfect ( I got the tote backpack). The leather is so soft (I got the pebble black). It’s perfect for traveling, for everyday use also you can you use it as a diaper bag.


I love this tote it’s beautiful. It’s my everyday bag at the moment. The color it’s perfect for fall. I got a lot compliments. It’s High quality leather bag that will last forever.

Love a little surprise

Who doesn’t like a colorful surprise!!!

Great wallet!

Love this wallet! Feels super sturdy and has the perfect amount of space. I can tell it will last a long, long time.

Leather Tassel
Vicki A.
The Perfect Tassel

I got a large Sunflower Tassel & it is perfect with my Peacock Mini. These 2 colors together look awesome.

Zip Accordion Wallet

I purchased two accordion wallets to go with my butterfly bags. I have canyon and nutmeg. I love the rustic style of canyon! The nutmeg is beautiful and so soft! I want one in every color and texture now!

A rainbow of color!

I love the mystery aspect. I adore the + 6 pieces I received. These were some of the styles I most wanted! Dream is an amazing feeling leather!

EDC Small Circle

I got a small circle in black and it’s stunning! I like to carry my “Every Day Carry” essentials like wallet, keys, gloss, mirror, a multitool and phone.

It’s light and comfortable. I also like to carry it when I’m going painting. It’s the perfect companion to my pochade (art) box.

My first PLG purchase

It took me a couple of weeks to make my final choice of which PLG bag that would be my first purchase, and I am so glad that I choose the Butterfly Bucket bag in Grizzly. I love the 2 inside pockets in the side seams of this bag as it doesn't protrude out taking valuable real-estate in your bag. I love the more structured feel of the Grizzly leather as it keeps everything in order within the bag. It is a beautiful bag in every way.

Triangle perfection!

I recently purchased an AP Cognac Triangle bag and absolutely love it! The color is stunning and I’m pleasantly surprised by how much it holds! It has a dressier feel than the mini crossbody and can add a longer cb strap if needed. Highly recommend!

Fun Surprise

When you dont care color or if it is a zip . This is great way for s surprise to stir up ur life. Its the perfect Size not to big, not to small. Bonus was all the colors I received.

What a delightful surprise!

I ordered a mystery box, mini crossbody plus 4. Had my fingers crossed for colors other than brown or black. When I opened the box and saw the beautiful Anjou bag I was sooooo happy and surprised with myself- I would never had ordered a green. The smalls were great colors also.

Circle Crossbody
Heather L.
Small black circle=♡♡♡

I got the small circle in smooth black and Love it! The size is great for my small frame and it's still has enough room for a few extras, for example, my small card holder, key fob, phone, lippies, sanitizer And a baggie of Goldfish, a few wipes and a binkie! Definitely not big enough for every day use for a mom with a 2 yr old, but awesome for a day of shopping or going out to eat, when I don't want a larger purse. I do also like it in the more structured leather so it keeps the shape better.


I want another one already! Nuff said.

Bucket Bag
My new fave bag!

This bucket bag is perfection! Just the right size to be practical and has a cross body strap for hands free shopping, etc.

Great organizer!

I use my Eclipse bag as an organizer for my Tote bag and it holds everything I need without getting tangled!

Love it!

I have full sized cross body tote in Badlands. I love it. I use it to carry a SLR camera, an extra lens, bifold wallet, an eclipse makeup bag, and a two sidekick pouches. I still have room. The badlands leather is a little heavier than my other two full sized xbody totes, but I still love it! Also with the thickness of the leather, I am not afraid to set it down on the ground if it gets two heavy or in the way.

i’m in love guys 💖💖💖 Such a comfortable bag cannot be found in my wardrobe

Great Backpack for Business Travel

I bought a cold brew laptop backpack for a business trip as I wanted something more professional than my Vera Bradley backpack. It looks lovely and encouraged me to slim down the weight that I was carrying on a regular basis. The trip went well and I found this comfortable to carry, The color of this leather is versatile and pairs with both black and brown and isn’t showing any wear yet from being shoved under airplane seats. This picture is after two flights.

Slim & Perfect

It's so slim and space-saving, even in the mini crossbody. It holds all the cards I need.