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Leather Tote Bag
Jacqueline P.
Beautiful bag!

I was so excited to get my first PLG bag and then FedEx lost it! So happy that PLG’s customer service is awesome and sent me a new one. Love my PLG tote and can’t wait to order more!

Beautiful Honey Crossbodies

Love PLG! I use these crossbodies for travel and they are fantastic.

Love these MB!

These MB are so fun! I honestly don’t think there’s a “bad” one out there! I got an avocado mini tote which is the perfect shade of green, the pebbling is gorgeous. My +4 items were also insanely gorgeous, I can’t wait to use my make up bag!! Thanks PLG for the fun surprise!

My newest addition

Didn't think I would like this style, but after buying one, I love them! This is my 4th and the Canyon is gorgeous! Plus, it's a great neutral shade and will go with any of my bags. I love that it can be my wallet or it can be a clutch! Thank you PLG!

My second PLG purchase! Have always needed the medium zipper crossbody. Plus it's so squishy, and the coldbrew is such a beautiful color, that the purse itself felt like home right away! And I know some of you know what I'm talking about, if you've ever loved something that much. Cheers to happiness in new leather!

Too busy to comment

I truly am enjoying my tote and accessory. I got it in time for an event and it worked out perfectly! I almost forgot to comment. Looking fwd to buying more.

Tote Mystery Box
Roberta N.
We’ll received!

Bought this MB Tote + 4 for my own mother, for Mother’s Day! She absolutely loved it, and the “rich burgundy” color of her tote. She thought I had spent hundreds on this set. She loves the quality of the leather and the smell of course! Win-win!

Mystery Box Fun

Ordering a Tote + 4 mystery box is an experience everyone should have at least once. It’s great fun to wonder what you might receive, and opening the box when it arrives is a mix of emotions: anticipation, hope, joy, disappointment, triumph!! The products are always beautiful and they smell so good! I was so pleased and will definitely try one again when they come back in stock.

Mystery Tote

I received the rope and four other products for Mother’s Day and it was the best gift ever! I’m in love with the blue tote and I had been looking for a makeup bag and now gave the perfect one! It was an amazing gift and cannot wait until my bday next month! I have my eye on a bucket bag! 😉

Makeup Bag
Amanda C.
Perfect size!

This is my first makeup bag purchase and I am very pleased with it. The Deep Water is beautiful and the smaller bag size fits perfectly in my medium tote or medium crossbody.

Beautiful purse!

This was my third purchase from PLG and I love this medium crossbody! The blue steel is beautiful and so soft. Perfect for my everyday needs

Love this bag!

I Love my medium crossbody!
It holds my water bottle and everyday essentials perfectly.
I chose the honey in almost perfect and it’s Perfect!
I’m a petite 5’1 and the purse isn’t too big.
I will be ordering another one!


Wanted something bigger than my crossbody and I’m glad I bought this!

Perfect leather backpack

I have 3 young children and am always on the go between sports, groceries etc.. I needed something I could fit a snack or small water bottle in when needed! This backpack is very stylish and comfortable and mostly reliable! I love the leather! It’s just what I was looking for!


I originally ordered the cognac OS crossbody but it was too big and wanted more of an everyday tote. I purchased the mini crossbody w zip in Coldbrew and I’m obsessed. This color is my favorite. The leather smells amazing, is squishy but still holds structure, and is small, but mighty in what it can carry. I think I would have been of with the snap versus the zip in looking at its size now. Since this purchase, I have added a matching passport holder (use as a notebook w field notes), small sidekick pouch, and small zip wallet. Waiting for the tassels to restock and I’ll be getting one of those too. I also have a Coldbrew tote backpack arriving today - super excited about this new collection!

My new favorite

So happy with this purchase! It's big enough to fit my Surface Laptop and still zip it up.


If you’re around 5’2” like me, this is the perfect size for your things and the last hole on the strap makes for the perfect drop length. The bag depth is perfect to fit your small wallet (I have their small envelope one), keys, a bottle of water, snacks, and other small misc items. I have this bag in nutmeg too and I can see why other people are obsessed with PLG! Everything is so well made, perfect, and smells so good. FYI, I was able to return an online purchase at their retail store in Portland. No exchanges at their store, just returns. And then if you find something you like instead, you can just buy it there :)


This wallet is sleek and beautiful. I was using another one that was bulky and this just keeps everything simple. I will making some more purchases from you! Love love love all of it. Thank you for my wallet and tote.

Best bag I've ever owned

I've always used a leather bag for work - I need it to be on the roomier side for my laptop, notebook/planner, water bottle and various other things that end up in there. I took a chance on this bag and was not disappointed. This "almost perfect" bag is actually just "perfect". I can't find any imperfections and it's so wonderful. I got the extra large with zipper top in grizzly. Incredibly happy with this purchase!!!

Leather Tote Bag
Elizabeth E.
The best

Love my tote! It’s beautiful and soft and I am happy I went with the zipper because I am a klutz. I have other purses but I don’t think I will go back to using them. I will be recommending your products to everyone one. The only suggestion I would make is to have an insert. That I would buy for sure. Also I now have a addiction to the smell of leather.


Got the AP crossbody tote in Sedona. It is everything I wanted. I hoped for something that didn't have big pebbles- but was still squishy & this was it!
I have other bags that came with the delicious leather smell from PLG- this one didn't... It was pretty terrible for a few days but I used it anyway in hopes that it would dissapate & lucky for me it did! Now I just have a yummy leather smell left! I sold my crossbody tote in honey, because it was just too firm- & I'm selling my mini in Sedona to a friend because I don't think I'll use any other bag but this one. I just want to carry it all day long! The tote straps are comfortable & the crossbody straps are comfortable! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect bag!
I'm 5'3" for reference

Love my New Bags!!

The Circle Crossbody Bag is SO CUTE I got in two colors Honey and Sunflower the colors are beautiful and the leather is soft. Will be buying more Bags from Portland highly recommend.

Love love love it!

I was so anxious in receiving this bag...I had been reading over and over the reviews and dimensions as well as trying to pick a color! That was the hardest part!!! So I took the plunge and started with an " Almost perfect "medium in nutmeg...
I love it! I was worried about the size and it's perfect for my runnings around and all the shmutz I have to carry!
I have even felt so relieved that the strap that came with it gets comfortably long for me to do crossbody...I'm a big girl and I was considering the extender. But no need!
I love the feel of the pebbled leather and I've even tried some other straps I had in my wardrobe for fun! There is only one thing that I will say was a bit taxing to get over...the aroma of the strong in the very beginning..but I found with using it day to day it is mellowing out.
Overall...I'm now thinking of another color!!! 🤗
Thank you PLB for such a beautiful product! 💛

Tote Mystery Box
Carolyn S.
Great Suprize

I received my magic tote box and was like a kid on Christmas opening the box. I was elated with what I got (in picture). Everything was very well made. I was pleased to see I even received a group of coasters which was unexpected but very functional. I have had my tote for a week now and have used every piece I was sent. I would highly recommend their products because of the quality of the leather. Price for what you get is to me outstanding. Keep up the good work.

Pencil case

To tell the truth I bought this as I just love the look, especially in the Canyon color. I am not quite sure what I will end up using for but I love the shape and the sturdy strap that wraps around. As is the case of all the products I have purchased from Portland Leather it has the best quality ever! Just so happy I did purchase it!