All Color: Cognac | Leather pouch with curved seams and top zipper
All Color: Cognac | Leather pouch with curved seams and top zipper
All Color: Cognac | Leather pouch with curved seams and top zipper
All Color: Cognac | infographic

The Sidekick Pouch

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  • A sleek and stylish companion to any PLG bag
  • Room for all your small essentials
  • Flat base and curved seams
  • Fire-branded PLG logo on front

Our durable leather goods are unlined, featuring the natural suede side of the hide. Since fabric-lined bags inevitably discolor and tear with use, we chose to showcase the soft sueded underside of our hides, ensuring that your bag lasts a lifetime.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect size and love the quality of the leather!

It's love BUT...

In the world of leather, I'm learning there are certain styles of bag / pouches that work better in one leather type vs another and this is completely to each person's preference. It's difficult to know what will work best for you, or won't - but I also think that's the fun of collecting Portland Leather. You try a style in a pretty leather, or snag a mystery box and find a silhouette you love (or too, rather don't) and you know what to be on the hunt for later. THIS certain style, I so love it for long things - pens, highlighters, nail file - but the squishiness of Sugar (also, a favorite of mine!) is not the tea for me in this certain silhouette. Even though I know I love squishy, pebbly & soft leathers best, it just doesn't hold it's shape well enough for me. But now I know what I want in a sidekick for next time some new colors drop and in the meantime, I've been making the sidekick work for me by leaving it all the way open and in the middle of my lola, keeping my littles organized. Always a use! Especially for such a pretty leather.

Corri S.
Saved me!

This little sidekick pouch truly was a sidekick! I’ve been traveling recently and kept this pouch at my side. It was so great for tissues, hand sanitizer, and a little bottle of medication. I’ll take this one with me wherever I go!

Melinda B.
My favorite little!

The sidekick is very universal!! I’ve used it for everything from carrying an epipen and medicine to spray hand sanitizers, pens, and chapstick. The shape is what sold me on the sidekick as it is sleek and narrow to stand up on its side in my bags. It’s also note worthy to mention that it opens EXTREMELY WIDE so you can clearly see all of your contents inside. It’s perfect!

Lisa E.
Sidekick in Dahlia

I had no idea the sidekick from the website is bigger than those in mystery boxes. And, Dahlia is fantastic! I think I need more things in Dahlia.

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